I already knew 10 out of 25 of these “useless words” Buzzfeed put together, so perhaps this means I am a magpie. But who doesn’t know what a peen is?

The comments section for the list are predictably terrible, as most comments sections are, but there is one new and lovely word that someone volunteered:

Squatcho! Squatcho is the brave Patuxet guide cloth-covered button on the top of a baseball cap. SQUATCHO!

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It’s springtime, Craig

Recent commenter MK noted that she found Fancy Notions while doing an online search for King George of Hollywood. Now, I recently swore off reporting about the flyer-posting antics of King George, but MK’s enthusiasm put me in a bit of a relapse frame of mind, especially since King George has added a new wrinkle to the story involving Judi Dench’s failed attempt to Face-Off™ King George himself.

I’ve got to stay strong. You won’t rope me in again, King George. I already spent too much time trying to fit Liza Minnelli, Jeff Foxworthy, and Christina Aguilera into your family tree. It’s impossible. You are insane. I’m going to do something better with my time. I’m going to go find my new friend Craig and have some fun.

It’s a nice blustery springtime day. Maybe we’ll have a picnic and fly kites at the park.



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