All the stars just marshmallows in a mug of cocoa

I wish I could replace all the Paul Anka songs in this cartoon with tunes written by pretty much any other Canadian musician. Other than that, this is a decent way to spend 23 minutes the Saturday before Christmas.

Climate change

Hey, sorry I didn’t post a cartoon last week but I was at a fire festival where we couldn’t actually have a fire because everything else in the state is currently on fire. All these fires and the warm temperatures in general are not really putting me in the Christmas spirit. Thankfully I found a cartoon that brings these two ideas together. It’s long too, so hopefully that makes up for last week’s absence.

Hi, holidays!

I know I woke up at 7:45 of my own volition this Saturday morning, but I’ve never identified with Scrappy as much as in this cartoon. I’m ready for the holidays. I mean, not ready at all but ready as a child might be ready. But Thanksgiving is not until Thursday so I might need to go back to bed for a little bit as soon as I post this.

In spite of myself

Please bear with this cartoon if you are like me and have a special dread of the seasonal chestnut “A Visit from St. Nicholas.”  If I were to do an impressionistic re-write of “A Visit from St. Nicholas,” it would be along the lines of:

List of names
Simile simile simile simile
Simile simile
Wink jerk
Good night

This cartoon omits seven of my least favorite similes from the poem in favor of a nice little toy rescue sub-plot. Merry Christmas; don’t forget.

Russian around the Christmas tree

Getting a Christmas tree in Russia seems really difficult if this is what Father Christmas has to do to get one.

Wind-up fork duck

I may have posted this cartoon a few Christmases ago, but let’s watch it again. You can’t have too many wind-up fork ducks in your life, right?

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