Mama mia

I don’t usually post things that have been posted in a million other places already, but this is a nice monkey/human story, and I think we could all use a nice monkey/human story right about now so I’m reposting in case anybody missed this.

RIP, Mama.

Thanks for the tip, madamjujujive!
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Magic chef

I’m not a scientist, but I imagine that if I were a scientist I’d hate science reporting in mainstream news even more than I already do. Take, for instance, this recent study conducted around whether chimpanzees would trade in a piece of raw sweet potato and wait to receive a piece of cooked sweet potato in return rather than eat the raw bit immediately.

This study was intended to test a few hypotheses about human evolution and patience and understanding of how a tool or device can transform something else, I guess. It was hard to tell what exactly the scientists were looking for and what they concluded because in the hands of the NY Times the story, much like the sweet potato bit in the scientists’ shake-and-bake device, transformed into:


After watching the video, I felt like CHIMPANZEES ENJOY A GOOD CUPS-N-BALLS MAGIC TRICK ESPECIALLY WHEN PROVIDED WITH SNACKS would have been just as accurate a headline.

So yes, I’m annoyed with the current state of science reporting. And yes, I have to admit I’m mainly annoyed because I was expecting to see a monkey chef preparing a delicious dish. Thankfully, YouTube provides what the New York Times cannot.

Without human control

There hasn’t been a post here for a while about the impending man vs. ape war, but rest assured I have been monitoring the situation. It’s just that there hasn’t been any news. Until now.

Apparently some Dutch goofs flew a drone over the chimp exhibit at Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem, and…

Yes, the drone was completely destroyed. Can you blame them?

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But it’s empowering

I don’t know which is worse – looking at this chimp in a sequined dress, or watching her take it off. I’m so glad the ’90s are over.

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Mighty Joe, young

According to the narrator, this is the world’s only bathing gorilla. I tried looking this up on the webernet and only found a gorilla taking a shower, so I guess he’s right. It’s also interesting to me that Joe the gorilla is the privileged master messing around in the bath and the nameless chimp is the prole stuck mopping up after him. Weren’t things the other way around in Planet Of The Apes?

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Crime of fashion

I know you may look at this video and think, “Aw, cute. Baby chimp feeds baby tiger. That’s nice.” Yeah, you may think that.

Look below the surface, people. Do you see what’s going on? Humans dressing baby chimpanzees in jeans shorts. Jeans shorts. This is worse than when my mom made me wear that matching quilted vest/quilted pants ensemble in third grade. I hope for Sirinaj’s sake that Dodo doesn’t see this video when he’s an adult.

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The trouble with multi-tasking

Walk the dogs or pick up the birthday cake from the bakery. Doing both at the same time is just asking for it. Especially if you like playing with statues.

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