Ooty ooty ooty

I’m a little confused about the concept here. If the person is transported to the time where his behavior is most appropriate, wouldn’t they be accepted happily there? Maybe a thing got lost in translation.

Also, I wonder what time I would end up in. Hopefully not a time with a lot of ooty ootiers.

She knocks me out

Wow. Initially I was just going to post the second cartoon here, but when researching it I saw that it was marked as possibly using footage from this first cartoon here THAT YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST WATCH:

That was pretty racy, no? I guess it was so racy that they decided to re-use a lot of the elements in a toned-down version with a different story in this one eight years later:

If anybody asks you about the Hays Code that the motion picture industry agreed to adhere to in the middle third of the last century, you can point them to these two cartoons. Note that the depictions of bare butts and guns are removed, but a sort of Electra complex thing springs up in the “safe” cartoon which is a-okay. Because of the confusing scene at the beginning between himself and his daughter, I was so very, very relieved that Dad here didn’t fight the young suitor for the chance to be beat up.

So thanks, Will Hays and Joseph Breen and all you weird screwed up prudes. Without you, I might never have seen a giant bird try to feed an elephant to her babies.

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