Close encounters of the tired kind

I’ve been too tired to go two-tired lately. I would be a lot more fit if I stopped relying on my Fit so much.

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Autopia dystopia

It seems that 50 years ago some people were worried about our increased conspicuous consumption and reliance on automobiles. Something about eating plastic too. Oh, ha. We solved all those issues ages ago. Silly worriers.

Not bad for a car commercial

I’m really sick of my car. I know it’s convenient for trips to the grocery store and for taking people to the airport, and the air conditioning is nice when it’s hot, but really, it’s getting to be a bit of a burden. Between the seat covers disintegrating and the fog clouds of antifreeze fumes intermittently coming through the vents, I’m about ready to get rid of it. I doubt I could get much money for it at this point, however; maybe I should just donate it to an orchestra:

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