A shoe (gesundheit)

Benny and I were driving around Burbank the other day when he suddenly told me to drive through an alley around the back of a mini-mall on Hollywood Way. “Look,” he said. Look, I did.

And that’s when I saw a car shaped like a red monkey boot. Not sure why they went with monkey boots as the shape instead of Vans…

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Ten little bungalows

There are actually eleven of these little bungalows on Hollywood Way, lined up on one side of the WB Ranch (formerly the Columbia Ranch).

The eleventh is pretty far down the block from the others, which makes me wonder if there were a whole bunch of other ones that have since been torn down. On the other hand, I think you would have to be an awfully evil witch to tear any of these down. Seriously. They have built-in shelves on the outside of the house. I mean, come on.

According to the Burbank Historical Society*, these were not constructed as backlot dressing rooms or offices but to be used as ordinary homes, for normal people. Here are some of them as they look today.




Pretty extraordinary, all of them, but I especially like this last one. The shy guy.

*Thank you Jeremy Ward and David Doherty for sleuthing this information out and sharing with Burbank In The ’60s!
Image of Paul E. Wolfe postcard (top image) via Burbankia


You know what disappoints me? Well, lots of things disappoint me, but do you know what disappoints me this very moment in regards to what I am thinking about this very moment?

There is going to be a movie based on the game for kindergarten babies beloved childhood board game Candy Land, and I’m pretty sure that the whole goddamned thing is going to be CGI. I realize that Universal Studios, the studio producing this epic pile of crap is in Universal City and not Burbank, but Burbank is a mere 5.6 miles away from Universal City. And Burbank already has real-life Candy Land houses, brought to my attention by my friend Wag. Behold the Otter Pop house:

and the Bomb Pop house:

And it appears from the looks of their matching windmills and shared AstroTurf™ front yard that these houses are owned by the same person,

so the location permit would be a snap to get. Bring on the Molasses Swamp!

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