Fancy notions #12

Wow. It’s been over six months since my last Fancy Notions offering. What is my problem? I must have gotten hoisted on my own petards when Fancy Notions #7, my paper napkin collection, was added to the largest (or maybe just best) paper napkin collection in Bulgaria. Well, petards have a way of dissipating, so hoisted I am no longer. I am here to offer some notions.


As you can see, there is a green theme going here. A miniature journal with a bejeweled cover and broken key ring clasp, a fabric applique patch depicting some mushrooms, and three green buttons of various size, shape, and opacity. The quarter is there for perspective; it is not part of the prize.

As an added bonus, I am throwing in a barely used spool of sky-blue thread, because when I was cleaning out my thread box yesterday I noticed that I had three spools of sky-blue thread, and that seems a little excessive. My mom probably gave them to me after she abandoned some project. Abandoning projects seems to run in the family. I have been hanging on to the green flower button for I don’t know how many years, because it is really great, but I am always so afraid to use it on the wrong project that it has just been going to waste. It’s huge. And glittery.


As always, if you would like these fancy notions for your very own, just let me know; write a message in the comments section below rather than sending any emails this time. I’ll send them to the first or most sincere person who writes in. Good luck!

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