Condom and dumber

Remember the folks in Silver Lake last spring who seemed to have some sort of beef with their neighbors, something along the lines of the neighbors being evil people who liked to poison Armenians? And these folks took it upon themselves to inform the rest of the neighborhood of said beef by means of signs around their property warning against the evil poisoners?

Well, it seems they have a new beef.

Oh wait – is this the dirty condom?

That’s awfully big. I’d be pretty mad too. No, never mind; I think I remember seeing that last year. It’s just a blue tarp.

So sad. Can these neighbors ever get along? Here’s hoping the new mediator angel on the block

can resolve this before it blows into something really serious. I think somebody’s head is about to explode.

Big cat hunt

I’d like to say I showed remarkable restraint by not adding “Also responds to Sashimi” to this poster, but the fact is I didn’t have a Sharpie handy.


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