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The Republic of Molossia was not the only magical land Benny and I traveled to last week. We also visited the monuments and islands of the Petersen Rock Garden near Bend, Oregon. I was excited to go there, but the photos I saw prior to our visit really didn’t prepare me for the scope of the place. Maybe my pictures won’t do it justice either.

This place was built by a Danish immigrant in 1935 or so using unusual rocks that he had collected from around the general area. I’m not sure if he meant for the place to be a land unto itself, but it sure seems like it. There are miniature houses

of varying levels of grandeur,

a patriotic monument

or two

and even a separate island area guarded by a lighthouse

and some peafowl.

There was a cat who was trying to give us a tour, I guess,

and a chicken who was being rather show-offy about being able to walk around the moated mansion that had been roped off from us humans with caution tape

(actually, there were a lot of chickens – a lot),

but no other humans anywhere. At least none that were willing to come out and talk to us.

It’s too bad the museum was closed because I hear that inside there are little castles made out of rocks that glow in the dark. Oh well. Maybe next time.

I hope there is a next time, actually. There seems to be a lot of controversy about this place lately, around who is running the place and whether they’re greedy creeps or good stewards who are just overwhelmed by regulations and the enormity of maintaining the place. The garden keeps closing and being saved and closing again.

It’s open now, albeit in a bit of a state of disrepair. And as with all things, the future is unclear so if you want to see this place I would suggest you make a trip there soon.

Fizzle and Tootso

I was looking at the filmography of Thunderbirds Are GO creator Gerry Anderson, and came across The Adventures Of Twizzle, which was described on IMDB thusly: “The adventures of a male doll who is able to extend his legs and arms.” That didn’t sound like much of a winner, but it ran for fifty-two episodes and apparently had its fans, if I am to take seekingred’s comment of “BRING BACK TWIZZLE… TWIZZLE RULES” seriously. And then there’s another commenter who claims to have an entire Twizzle room in his/her house filled with Twizzle memorabilia. Hm. Maybe we should take a look at the only surviving episode.

I’m not sold.

Attaboy, Luther

I know it’s a black female, but I can’t help thinking this cat is actually Don Knotts. Maybe she’s over at Thelma Lou‘s watching a little TV?


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You can hang out with all the boys

So, last week I was in Manhattan, home of the Inflatable Medieval Flail™:

I stayed in a very small room in a boutique hotel in Midtown. I did a little research and learned that it had been renovated from an old YMCA building. Very early Wednesday morning I heard a repetitive slapping or thumping noise on the floor above me. I decided it was the ghost of a jump-roping YMCA patron.

During the earlier part of the week, I noticed that there was a decided lack of lost pet flyers in the city. I found it a little strange. But then on Wednesday night I passed by this sad gem in the East Village:

The blacked out part said “Fe”….

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But is that one syllable or two?

Sheesh. Sometimes it’s harder for the older gals to keep as fresh as they’d like. Show some respect.

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They couldn’t bring themselves to make the obvious headline, so I guess I won’t either

My friend Tori found this notice and I think she sums it up pretty well: “In this case, the absence of a photo of the missing loved one is probably a good thing because I’m pretty sure it would make me cry. Poor Romeo. He hates being skinny and having short hair.”

It’s okay, Romeo. I just cut my hair short too. You’re probably just not used to your new ‘do – I bet you look sassy!

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The Skeleton Dance

This week’s cartoon is dedicated to my cat Joaquin, who I believe is going to be a skeleton for Halloween if he keeps being such a picky eater. Cut it out, Joaquin. Skeletons don’t like cats:

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