Mell-o-roon-ee cartoony

It’s probably just the timeframe I’m looking at, but it seems like 20th century cartoonists enjoyed poking fun at swing jive enthusiasts and beatniks way more than they did hippies or punk rockers. I don’t have any particular theory about why that is. Do you?

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Snorky big

Paleontologists may take issue with this cartoon, but what about cryptozoologists? Is there some cryptozoologist wringing his hands watching this right now, saying through gritted teeth, “Sea serpents do not eat mud pies”? I’ll bet there is.

They didn’t know where they was going but they knew where they was

Today’s cartoon features Lord Buckley – a hipster when hipster meant something – as the voice of Go Man Van Gogh. Park your peepers on this for just a sec; it ain’t no Sunday afternoon flip, dad.

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