M is for the many things

Bunnybury, our favorite local holiday display yard, has passed over Cinco de Mayo and gone straight to Mother’s Day.

Maybe I should stop calling it Bunnybury. Rabbits are not the only permanent residents here; there are also swans, elephants, cherubs, ducks, deer…

and Native Americans. In every display you will find these guys if you dig deep enough. The current display is unusual in that it leaves the Native American grotto rather pristine, when normally it’s encrusted with roses or Santa hats or tulips or something.

Maybe this section is signifying Mother Earth, which is kind of nice when you figure that not everybody has another mother. Everybody needs a mother. Grimy patriots need one,

Bratz without pants need one.

That fancy car and hobby horse are clearly poor substitutes for one.

No wonder this lady looks so happy. She is truly exalted.

bunnyburybuninovenI think that baby she’s holding just bit her on the neck. Hey, Pregnant Lady! There’s more of that neck-biting in your future. You know, children exalt differently than grown-ups.

And it’s all worth it, right? Just think; on Sunday you and Handless Cowgirl Scarlett Johansson

are going to get an awesome breakfast in bed, probably presented to you at 5:30 in the morning. It might not be too late for you to start lobbying for the Alone Time that Daddy always seems to get on his special day.

Fancy notions #11


Surely I can’t be giving away this wonderful do-it-yourself angel kit as today’s fancy notions offering, can I?


Surely I am. You’ll have to provide wings, and halo, and, uh, the harp, but everything else you need to make a lovely angel is here. You might also need some glue. What you’re getting from me is: two Shirley dolls imported from China, a packet of multicolored glitter, and a jar of iridescent white glitter. No, that’s not a vial of meth to keep you focused on your do-it-yourself angel project, it’s glitter. See?



If you want this fabulous do-it-yourself angel kit, just write to me at herndonofsunnyvale(at)gmail.com. The first or most sincere person to write in gets the kit. Good luck!

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