Six point extra sharp

Those of you reading this with a “Los Angeles has no culture” prejudice (I believe you are called “haters”) may want to sit down before viewing the following photo I took this past weekend:


It’s a deer head made from 100 grilled cheese sandwiches, created for the First Seventh Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational. And you know, the only thing with more culture than 100 grilled cheese sandwiches is 101 grilled cheese sandwiches. This delightful creature’s antlers were made from pizza dough, it was covered in an extra fine cheddar/American blend, and its eyeballs were carved out Babybel cheeses fitted with something that I don’t remember hearing about because I think I blacked out a little when they unveiled it. I was actually able to sample and vote on some competition sandwiches this year, so I really feel like I’m making some inroads in my quest to be respected as a culture maven. Los Angeles is an excellent city.

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