Don’t forget to count Floyd

So yes, last weekend I tried goat yoga – the newest fitness craze that is sweeping the nation.

I’d definitely recommend it, though it was more of a mental health care thing than a physical one. It’s hard not to laugh when a baby goat is on your back adjusting your pose, and all that laughing really does release a ton of pressure and stress. Quite amazing, really.

The goats were more interested in eating shoelaces than trying to count all of us like the little goat in this cartoon, but if they had tried to count us I know we wouldn’t have gotten mad like the other animals in the story. Who gets mad when somebody counts them?

These guys need a little mental health care. I know just the thing that will fix them right up.

Word of the day for Tuesday, December 2nd

Who doesn’t love a well thought out collective noun for a group of animals? An unkindness of ravens, a business of ferrets, a smack of jellyfish. At some point, someone said that geese are in a gaggle when they’re hanging around on the ground, but when they’re flying they’re a skein. Nobody objected, so that’s what they are.

Today I am going to present two words in honor of my 19 year old cat Joaquin. I know I’ve been dedicating a lot of posts to him lately, but he got very sick just before Thanksgiving and I want to make sure he’s recuperated fully and will cheer up some time soon.

Image from text generator

A clowder of cats is a gang of cats. Of course, there is an alternate term that might be more appropriate for a group of elderly Joaquins:

Gothic text from

Dude, stop glowering. I know I took photos of you in your diaper, but it’s not like I posted them on the internet.

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