Won’t go nowhere

I might prefer gliders to rocking chairs, but rocking chairs get all the good songs and stories.

via @bittycar on Instagram, who finds all the best cartoons

Doctor Whom

Okay, Godzilla Vs. Kong might not have been the finest cinematic achievement of our lifetimes, but at least it tried to follow the laws of cybernetics and … uh… Hollow Earth and… oh never mind. I guess it made as much sense as some of this year’s Best Picture nominees or this cartoon where a giant ape can just reverse global warming by breaking a radioactive weapon and throwing the ensuing fireball into the sky.

Oscar The Grouch

I swear that me posting an Academy Award-winning short film today is just a coincidence and not some TCM 1000000 Days Of Oscar cross-posting. This isn’t a cartoon, per se, but they do get awfully animated.

Summer hours

Someone should really use some of their leisure time and post a high-resolution version of this:

and all in one post, too:

Not me, of course. I’m way too busy screwing off.

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