Back to divanity school

Benny and I got a “new” old couch a couple of weeks ago and have been wrestling with it ever since. Not literally wrestling, like in the backyard with 2x4s and barbed wire; we’ve just been puzzling about how it might fit in our lives. The problem is that it might be a little too comfortable. The support springs are all sprung out, it’s low to the ground, and it’s so deep that we need to build up the back rest with the twelve pillows it came with in order not to look like Lily Tomlin’s Edith Ann character sitting in her giant chair.

This couch would be excellent if we were twin pashas being fed grapes and fanned with ostrich feathers, but we’re not. So now we’re trying to figure out what to do with this couch. It really is a good couch, one that certainly does not merit discarding on the sidewalk. Apparently not all couches deserve such consideration. To wit, observe this specimen I saw down the street this afternoon:

That poor couch, just melting in the afternoon sun. What’s that note taped to it?

Ouch. Such a harsh judgment slapped on an already disrespected sofa. This kind of actually hurts. No, there is absolutely no way we are going to do that to our couch. Does anybody know any couchless pashas in the area?

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