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I know, I know. Another ’80s cartoon based on a greeting card and toy franchise. Just give this one a chance. If you’re not won over after seeing the Purple Pieman and hearing the theme song by Flo & Eddie (lyrics by a former writer for Jack Benny and Studio One), I guess you can turn it off. We can’t agree on everything.

Won’t go nowhere

I might prefer gliders to rocking chairs, but rocking chairs get all the good songs and stories.

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All the stars just marshmallows in a mug of cocoa

I wish I could replace all the Paul Anka songs in this cartoon with tunes written by pretty much any other Canadian musician. Other than that, this is a decent way to spend 23 minutes the Saturday before Christmas.

Royal dreading

I know you have a pretty good head on your shoulders, Princess, and you might have already noticed this but I thought I should tell you just in case you didn’t. According to the credits, the prince is really Lord Garp. Do with that as you will.

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Won’t wake up, won’t eat his cereal

As someone who spent some time in bed sick this week, I can attest that sleeping too much can give you some very strange dreams. Wake up, gosling.

Slay your own dragon

I don’t think the king in this cartoon is going to win a Father Of The Year Award any time soon. Keep on doing what you’re doing, Bedelia. You’ll be fine.

Slim Waller just doesn’t sound right

I recently started taking a tap dance class, and so far I’m pretty bad at it. Some friends have asked if they can come observe a session, but it’s a small studio so I don’t think that’s going to happen. Fortunately for these friends, I found a cartoon that does a fairly good job of showing what goes on with me in a tap dance class.

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Scout’s honor

I seem to have giant fowl legs on the brain this week, but consciously I chose to share this cartoon because it has a good message. That message is: Be prepared and carry a hacksaw, roll of duct tape, remote-control mouse, bagel, spool of wire, 6-volt lantern battery, apple and fire extinguisher in your satchel at all times, just in case you encounter a witch, a hypnocat, Kaschei the Deathless and a three-headed dragon after you’ve been abducted in the middle of your model-car making by a flock of geese. Remember it well.

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Congratulations, Anamika Veeramani

The winning word for this year’s Scripps Spelling Bee was “Stromuhr.” A stromuhr is an instrument that measures the amount of blood that flows through a blood vessel during a certain period of time. I guess a stromuhr could be handy if you were trying to find out the dangerousness of a particular vampire bat.

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