Reverse Mandela Effect

Hm. I grew up in the ’70s, watched a ton of TV (particularly cartoons), was painfully jealous of Tabitha from Bewitched, and somehow I never saw this cartoon special. And what a cartoon special. The world in this is… a family of clowns is the world’s hottest rock ‘n’ roll act, for starters.

Watching this is making me suspicious that it ever really existed before now. Actually, watching it is making me suspicious that someone slipped some LSD into my morning coffee. Either that or the recent heatwave melted all my brain synapses. Is this real? Can you please watch it and tell me if you are seeing the same thing I am?

Hex enduction now… er…

Do you remember how, at the beginning of the Trump presidency, a bunch of witches decided to put a binding spell on him to rein in his power? I don’t think it’s working. Maybe they’re doing something backwards. Double-check your work, witches.

Time holes

I can’t believe I never posted this cartoon before. I would definitely go to the Quackadero if there wasn’t a pandemic going on. And if it really existed.

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Lightning definitely never strikes thrice

The great thing about the internet is that you can find and post a clip from an obscure cartoon from nearly 50 years ago, and someone might pop up and say, “Hey! My dad/mom/great uncle worked on that!”

The lousy thing about the internet is that you can find and post a clip from an obscure cartoon from nearly 50 years ago, and if you share your thoughts about the utter laziness of the writing, art rendering and twice-recycled concept, someone might pop up and say, “Hey! My dad/mom/great uncle worked on that!”

Seriously, the best thing about this series is the variations on the title for foreign markets:

  • The Mozzarellas (Brazil)
  • Rome Makes Me Laugh (Spanish-speaking regions)
  • They Really Seem Almost Roman – {from S.P.Q.R.} (Italy, where they love a good acronym)


Afraid so

Well, this is good news for the new year. Foster parent for orphan works Pizza Flix is back up on YouTube after a mysterious battle. Let’s celebrate with an hour of a cartoon series perfect for a superstition blog – Fraidy Cat. The quality isn’t great – yes, that is a Paul Lynde impersonator, not even Paul Lynde – but it’s a whole hour of something you may not have seen before. Viva Pizza Flix!

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Sissy with a pumpkin

Finally, an answer to the question, “Did Rankin-Bass ever make a classic Halloween special?”

The answer is no.

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Come again some other day

The rain has finally stopped here for a moment. I am thinking that I should go out in the yard to see if there is a child Phyllis Diller tending to giant pumpkins out there. Just a sec –


Creepy is in the eye of the beholder

I guess a lot of people luckier than me have been getting a video recommendation on YouTube about a quest to find a lost creepy cartoon from some guy’s childhood. I say “luckier than me” because my recommended videos have been flooded with a character named Emilia Fart ever since I clicked on one of her videos, and I don’t know how much Emilia Fart I’m supposed to consume but apparently it’s a lot more than I’m able to.

Back to this video that’s been recommended to the lucky people. Maybe they’re not so lucky either, because the video that was recommended to them is 23 excruciating minutes long. Maybe I found it excruciating because there is so much hyperbole in the description of the search for this lost cartoon. A fruitless search for the former owners of a foreign cartoon distributor from the ’80s is embellished with “it was as if they vanished,” and so on. A chapter (yes, this thing has chapters) is entitled “False Leads.” Way too much time is spent on explaining the plots of other cartoons and fairy tales that people on the search are conflating with the cartoon in question. And a great deal of this search seems to have been made on 4chan, where everybody is stamping their childhood fever dreams (literally; “I REMEMBER THIS FROM TV WHEN I WAS HOME WITH THE FLU”) as irrefutable fact. I can’t blame anyone for wanting to have a good old fashioned Freak Ourselves Out Klub meeting, but all of this is presented so breathlessly that I couldn’t help rolling my eyes.

Of course, maybe I found it excruciating because I watched the cartoon in question before the “in search of” video, and it’s just not creepy. I know that “creepy” is awfully subjective (I find Sesame Street’s classic opera singing orange somewhat disturbing, if fascinating), but come on. Maybe I’m annoyed because the “in search of” video never addresses the fact that all of the young men describing this cartoon remember the main character as a boy instead of a girl, or maybe I’m annoyed because there is an overproud air of “look what great researchers we are” to this thing that really should not have taken five years to resolve. I don’t know. Have your fun, I guess. I’m just a cranky old person who gets scared by citrus fruits singing Carmen.

If you find “The Search For Clockman” pop up in your recommended videos, allow me to recommend that you skip it and just watch the actual cartoon “About Dressy Sally” instead. Here it is:

Redrawn and quartered

If you think I’ve posted this Peter Rabbit cartoon before, you’re sort of right. A few years ago I posted the original version, but there is something about this ripoff redrawn version that charms me the way kid fan art or the best store front art charms me. It’s very clunky and wrong, but… I don’t know. What do you think? Original is here for reference.

There are lots of other weird redrawn cartoons on this clip as well. Happy Saturday morning to you.

Hooked on Bosh

I’ve been spending a lot of time during the last week or three wrestling with some ideas about communication and narcissism and sharing and broadcasting and receiving, and writing proper posts has kind of gotten tangled up in this.

Maybe if I watch this animation enough things will straighten themselves out.

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