Redrawn and quartered

If you think I’ve posted this Peter Rabbit cartoon before, you’re sort of right. A few years ago I posted the original version, but there is something about this ripoff redrawn version that charms me the way kid fan art or the best store front art charms me. It’s very clunky and wrong, but… I don’t know. What do you think? Original is here for reference.

There are lots of other weird redrawn cartoons on this clip as well. Happy Saturday morning to you.

Hooked on Bosh

I’ve been spending a lot of time during the last week or three wrestling with some ideas about communication and narcissism and sharing and broadcasting and receiving, and writing proper posts has kind of gotten tangled up in this.

Maybe if I watch this animation enough things will straighten themselves out.

It’s hard to embrace an airplane

I don’t blame this pony for being bored with his job, but boy, do I want to know where I can get some of those chicken- and star-shaped popsicles… if only to find out what a chicken-shaped popsicle tastes like.

Couldn’t get any realer

Muhammad Ali had all the best words, all the time. About his opponents, about the world, and about himself. So I’ll just follow his advice now: “Silence is golden when you can’t think of a good answer,” and leave you with this cartoon.


That pickle you call a nose

After watching this cartoon, I wondered if kids today even know what limburger cheese is. Then I realized I only knew about limburger cheese via cartoons and old comedies I saw growing up, so I started reading about limburger cheese. After reading about limburger cheese, I’m glad that the only contact I have with it is via old cartoons. I might, however, want to start using it as a mosquito trap.

Borscht biriyani

Thoughts on today’s cartoon:

    • I’m not sure why all the Indians sound like they’re working the dinner show at a Catskills resort.
    • Where is Marie?
    • If I had a magic lamp, I think I would wish for something more than an ice cream sundae.

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Waist deep in the Big Muddy

Happy America Day from me and Orson Welles. Anyone up for a little river cleanup after hot dogs and fireworks?

Don’t shake like that

Apropos of nothing, here are two cartoons featuring raspberry jam.

I’m okay alone, but…

Benny had to leave work early today so he didn’t get to be on set with Chaz Bono. He’s never been on set with Chaz Bono before, but he was on set with Chastity Bono once. So, the same but different.

I wonder if Chaz Bono has seen this cartoon, and if he has, if it makes him sad. It’s kind of jarring to me to see Sonny run into the pole like that, and he’s not even my dad. I once rented my ’67 Plymouth Valiant to a film production for use in a scene depicting the main character’s father’s death by car accident, and some years later my dad actually died in a car accident, so maybe I understand. And maybe Chaz has never seen this cartoon.

The dangers of fiber

If this is what eating more fruits and vegetables gets you, I think I’m going to stick with my cheese-butter-bacon diet, thank you very much.

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