What did the big acorn say to the little acorn, part 2

I don’t know if I’m feeling major key or minor key today, but I’m definitely feeling geometry, so you get two retro computer graphics animations this morning.

There will not be a quiz on this later.

Via Open Culture

Art is not eternal

Midway through this, I thought, “Hey, I could hire these guys to make me a Flintstone house for way cheaper than $3.2 million*,” but then I watched the rest of the film. Oh well.

*Warning: link contains auto-play video

Well, well, well

Water in a stop-motion film is one of the best things ever. A dancing bread squirrel isn’t too bad either.

Part 2 (since this is originally a Grimm tale, I’m wondering if the mud is standing in for something worse):

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The vertical and the horizontal

A long, long time ago, we had a thing called a VHS. Nobody really knows what VHS stands for, but anyway… it was a thing and if we wanted to work this thing to work right we had to constantly adjust the settings for the vertical

and the horizontal.

We didn’t have to walk five miles uphill in the snow both ways to school but still, living in the time of the VHS was a tough time to grow up in. Old timers, do you remember the miracle of auto-tracking?

This guy is even fatter today

I don’t get it. Except from that ice cream cone, it looks like this guy followed a low-carb diet. Whatever went wrong?

What’s that you say? This wasn’t about food? Pssh.

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Georgia on my mind

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Attention ginger haters

You do know that the keeper of the New Year is a redhead, right?

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