Ooty ooty ooty

I’m a little confused about the concept here. If the person is transported to the time where his behavior is most appropriate, wouldn’t they be accepted happily there? Maybe a thing got lost in translation.

Also, I wonder what time I would end up in. Hopefully not a time with a lot of ooty ootiers.


I don’t know. I think I might have stayed on the island.

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One egg is un oeuf

I think you look fabulous in stripes, Fred, but I’m a polka dot gal myself so I understand your preference here.

Lemon grab

Cartoon lemons in positions of authority sure scream a lot, don’t they?

Barrel of catfish

Benny and I are planning a trip down the Mississippi River, but if this cartoon is accurate, I’m not so sure I want to go. Is every utterance really followed by a dramatic musical flourish down there?

It’s a blast

Benny and I met a girl last night who had some really interesting phobias. One was grooves. I don’t think she and Betty Brant would get along.

Part two is here.


Autopia dystopia

It seems that 50 years ago some people were worried about our increased conspicuous consumption and reliance on automobiles. Something about eating plastic too. Oh, ha. We solved all those issues ages ago. Silly worriers.

Snorky big

Paleontologists may take issue with this cartoon, but what about cryptozoologists? Is there some cryptozoologist wringing his hands watching this right now, saying through gritted teeth, “Sea serpents do not eat mud pies”? I’ll bet there is.

They didn’t know where they was going but they knew where they was

Today’s cartoon features Lord Buckley – a hipster when hipster meant something – as the voice of Go Man Van Gogh. Park your peepers on this for just a sec; it ain’t no Sunday afternoon flip, dad.

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Wise quacker

I just found a cartoon where Wilma Flintstone is trapped in the body of a kangaroo. Here, take a gander*:

*Yes, I know Yakky is a duck, not a goose, but “take a drake” just doesn’t sound right.
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