Like a feather in the wind

I’d seen the thumbnail for this cartoon a few times before, and always assumed it was some Musicians of Bremen thing. It was only when I went down a… err… rabbit hole after reading something about plagiarized cartoon squirrels that I realized there was a lot more going on here. The fate of the world is apparently in the hands of a sexy bunny, an intellectual horse and an aria-singing duck with a bowl haircut. Lord, have mercy on us all.


The first year that I really remember Easter baskets I remember that my brother got the Sammy Davis, Jr. “Now” album in his basket, and boy, was that a great album. “MacArthur Park,” “Theme from ‘Shaft’,” “The Candy Man”… just hit after hit.

This old ABC special probably doesn’t qualify as an Easter cartoon if you’re being strict about it, but it does have a rabbit and an egg and Sammy Davis, Jr. so that’s good enough for me.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane

I have never had dreams where I could fly. I used to have dreams where I could jump and hover/float/glide for amazing distances, but never actually fly. I don’t even have dreams where I can hover anymore, though. Maybe I’m not scratching enough itches.

Light of my life

There are no English subtitles of any sort on this cartoon, but seeing as we’re following a cat around and it doesn’t speak, I don’t think you’ll have much trouble figuring out what’s going on.


I’m trying to be more active again without re-injuring myself. It’s hard finding that balance. I keep going on what look to be easy hikes and then find myself bushwhacking on a 33% grade silty runoff path, or effortlessly biking way too far before realizing that I’m going to have to deal with a strong headwind the entire way back.

I’m looking at my Apple Watch and I don’t see ping pong or paddle boats on the list of workouts, though. Maybe I should find these kids and learn this flappy foot dance they’re doing.

Cliff’s notes

I know it doesn’t really follow the book much at all, but I’d still watch a fleshed-out full-length version of this. Gene Deitch tells a wild and woolly story about the origins of this piece on his blog. If you have some time and are in the mood for something that makes you feel like you’re having a three martini lunch with a legend, you really should read it.

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Naming convention

I always thought that springtime was when wild animal babies showed up, but since the world has been upside down lately maybe breeding season is also upended. We recently became acquainted with Baby Peggy the tiniest opossum, and last night one of our raccoon pals showed up with three youths.

If they come back again tonight, we’re going to have to name these youths. They’re definitely more Rackety than Rory in looks and temperament, but I want to find something unique. Any ideas?

The tomb of Ligeia

I don’t know what I’m having for lunch today, but I do know it’s not going to be a tuna sandwich.

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O, U R an American

I either read or heard in passing recently something about American spellings of words being adopted after our independence as a way to further distinguish the US and its inhabitants’ writings from the British. Of course, now that I’m trying to find out more I’m only finding brief mentions of this theory.

This led me to think about British accents vs. American accents. I know that there are a number of regional dialects in various countries, but we can all probably categorize whether a native English speaker is from Great Britain or one of its current or former territories. For the most part, at least. And that started me wondering about when and how these various accents sprouted up. I could spend a lot of time researching this, I guess.

But it’s Saturday, and I’m feeling lazy, and all of this is really just a long way of saying I don’t think the accents in this cartoon are historically accurate.

Thanks to Animation Scoop for reminding me of this and other patriotic oddities.

Doctor Whom

Okay, Godzilla Vs. Kong might not have been the finest cinematic achievement of our lifetimes, but at least it tried to follow the laws of cybernetics and … uh… Hollow Earth and… oh never mind. I guess it made as much sense as some of this year’s Best Picture nominees or this cartoon where a giant ape can just reverse global warming by breaking a radioactive weapon and throwing the ensuing fireball into the sky.

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