Downhill all the way

I’m pretty terrible at debating, but it seems to me that this quite delightful-looking bit of propaganda made by the American Petroleum Institute makes a good case for less wasteful alternative energy and ethical bioplastics. Your mileage may vary.

Blame it on Toad and friends

We’ve been encountering a lot of rain here in Los Angeles for the past 18 hours or so, but it appears right now that the Master Of The Sky has lost another chess game to Lady Drought and this is the end of it. When will you learn to stop playing with her, Master Of The Sky? You know she cheats.

Tootsy wootsy

I guess I should have posted this cartoon closer to June 21st, but better late than never. As with last week’s cartoon, this one features a turtle with a  souped-up shell. There’s also the old favorite “running through a door making a hole shaped like someone with their arms flailing about,” a sing-along and some skunk fun. Enjoy.

It’s invisible if you’re stupid

Alternate title: “C’est phooey, que purple”….

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Black and white are colors

Benny and I watched Peter Bogdanovich’s film Nickelodeon last night. The black and white “edgier” director’s cut, that is. The five hundred-hour long version. I would not recommend it. I don’t know why I keep trying to convince myself that Peter Bogdanovich was ever something more than an overrated blowhard.

If you are still wanting to watch something about the early days of film, allow me to point you in the direction of this Halas & Batchelor piece. It is shorter, funnier and more illuminating in all senses of the word. I wasn’t distracted by the color.

In spite of myself

Please bear with this cartoon if you are like me and have a special dread of the seasonal chestnut “A Visit from St. Nicholas.”  If I were to do an impressionistic re-write of “A Visit from St. Nicholas,” it would be along the lines of:

List of names
Simile simile simile simile
Simile simile
Wink jerk
Good night

This cartoon omits seven of my least favorite similes from the poem in favor of a nice little toy rescue sub-plot. Merry Christmas; don’t forget.

The groan of mortal terror

The weather forecast notes it will be in the mid-80s on Halloween. I feel that I must scream or die.

Like a fox

It’s nice to see a cartoon acknowledge the fact that great art and financial success do not always go hand in hand. I also like that nothing bad happens in the end (with the possible exception of the actor guy losing his great eye makeup). Everybody goes about their day and the world has a lot more art.

A man’s day

You may have read some articles lately about how some really, really mad MRAs are really, really mad about the “damn political lecture” that is the new Mad Max movie.  Maybe you don’t know what an MRA is. Here’s a cartoon featuring two of them.


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Make it better yourself

I know not every kid who has to deal with a bully is this resourceful, but this girl’s solution seems a lot more effective than an “it gets better” mantra. Also, I think I’ve found my Halloween costume.

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