I suppose an argument could be made that this cartoon is espousing a conservative and humble “Christian values” approach to living, but wouldn’t the stronger argument be that Happy Valley is a model of a socialist utopia? The latter seems inescapable to me, even though this was produced in 1952 when we were getting a lot of “Capitalism vs. Communism: Freedom vs. Oppression” Cold War propaganda cartoons. I never considered Paul Terry to be much of a radical, but maybe I need to read some more.

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How lovely are thy branches

I’m feeling kind of smug this year because Benny got me a pink flocked Christmas tree, which is something I’ve wanted for a long time but never got before now.

I started bragging about the pink flocked Christmas tree on social media, and the next morning a miniature pink Christmas tree showed up from Amazon.

The anonymous giver has not fessed up yet. It is a real good Christmas this year, and it’s not even Christmas.

So I guess this morning’s cartoon has to be about Christmas trees. It’s kind of anti-climactic ultimately, and I don’t even really understand why the boy fails at the one yard line, but whatever. It features the classic Soviet-era Santa in a jet and a penguin that talks like Porky Pig. Merry Christmas. May all your cotton candy dreams come true.

Corny callings

This isn’t the Chudesnitsa featuring witches performing milking rituals and young girls talking to cows. This is the Chudesnitsa featuring dancing corn and authoritative wheat and cow fights. I don’t want you being confused.

Unstable solution

Someone posted this to “The Psychedelic Solution!” Facebook page, so I guess I can’t quit Facebook quite yet. Google Translate says this cartoon is entitled either “Massage Concert” or “Container For Auto.” Not sure if I can quit Google Translate yet.

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Soleil noon fry

This cartoon is a little long, but maybe that’s a good thing. Instead of heading outside in today’s predicted inferno, you can hunker down to watch it in front of a fan and a bowl of ice cubes.


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Most irregular

I actually like prunes, and I understand that this is a marketing film for the California prune board, but six or seven a day seems excessive. Were Americans in the ’50s eating insulating foam sealant?


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Never brought to mind

As the extremely legit-looking scientist says, “If things don’t get worse, they definitely will get better.” All I know is that my shadow feels so very, very long right now and I’m ready for a fresh start. Good luck with 2018, everybody.

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The crab

A cancer cartoon. Believe it or not, this was the cheeriest cartoon I could find this morning. And personally, I think Ed should have someone look at his nose. That doesn’t look good to me.

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Loves them ghosks

You know, maybe Bluto’s so mad all the time because people never pick up on his hidden talents. Look at all he does in this cartoon. He’s a gifted ventriloquist, mimic, marionettist and special effects makeup artist. On top of that, he knows how to tie a cravat.

Stop chasing Olive, Bluto. There’s some other girl out there just waiting for a special star like you.

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Rodney and the doc

This tuberculosis hospital doesn’t seem as posh and interesting as the one in The Magic Mountain, but then again they didn’t try to keep Rodney there forever so I guess he should feel lucky.

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