Sometimes it can buy happiness

I’m so happy that this wasn’t a dream. It wasn’t a dream! Oops. I guess you’re supposed to say “spoiler alert” before you spoil it.

There’s a special treat for Terry Toons fans here too – the origin of the cheery pipe organ theme.

Thanks to bittycar once again for directing my eyes to this gem. I needed a bright tale of adventure and folks doing good for others this week.

Deep house

I’m posting this cartoon today for a few different reasons, one of which may become apparent next week depending on my level of laziness.

I’m posting this cartoon today in German because this is the cleanest copy of the short on YouTube. Also, per the writer of the original story this is based on, “Primitive man thought in pictures, not in words, and this visual conception is far more fundamental than its sophisticated translation into verbal modes of thought.” Tell it, Virginia.

Polyphonic spree

I couldn’t figure out why Oom Papa here was so opposed to Junior playing Dixieland in 1950 – a style so happy and family-friendly that Disney theme parks employ roving combos to liven up the atmosphere. Then I read the wiki about the style and found the answer in the second paragraph:

“…the movement included elements of the Chicago style that developed during the 1920s, such as the use of a string bass instead of a tuba, and chordal instruments, in addition to the original format of the New Orleans style. “

Papa resents being replaced by Tiny, in other words.

Chill out, Papa. Miles Davis is going to use a tuba on Birth Of The Cool in a few years and you’ll get your status back.


I’m no parascientist, but I’m pretty sure that Casper breaks an awful lot of ghost physics laws here. Be careful, Billy.

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Escapist entertainment

I don’t know about you, but I might prefer the company of a low form of vegetable life to that of certain humans.

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Sponsored discontent

I wonder if posting this compilation violates the terms of my various “non-commercial” Creative Commons licenses. I mean, it should be obvious that I am absolutely not recommending that you buy 79 octane gasoline, right? That’s almost as bad an idea as opening an account at Bank Of America.

Endearing young charms

I guess hanging out with him is better than breaking rocks all day, but Clem, you’re too good for that snob. Leave him to his baked beans and let’s go get some French burnt peanuts. You can wear your wig if you want.

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We got a nice visit from Benny’s daughter this week. No maraca playing, but also no feline reckless drivers, so I think we did pretty well overall.

Something much more serious

One year ago today, my colleagues and I were packing up our offices for a short period of working from home after the WHO declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. One guy was wearing a face mask and carting away his large desk monitor. I really thought that guy was overreacting. Nobody should ever ask me for stock tips.

Stimuli and nuance

A couple of weeks ago I turned on the grayscale color filter for my iPhone, with the hopes that it would decrease the dopamine hit or whatever I was getting that was making me pick up the phone a little too much. I’m not sure it’s working, but now this cartoon looks fine to me.

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