A little spring in your step

We went back to winter here in LA for a couple of days this week, but decided we’d had about enough of that. To heck with the calendar – Cyrus Young and I say say spring is here.

Everybody’s doing it

A friend of mine lost a bunch of weight years ago, and when I asked him his secret, he said, “I stopped eating candy.” I went on a walk with him yesterday, and he confessed that he is eating candy again. He hasn’t gained the weight back, however. Maybe I should ask him if he bought a mouse-operated tickle machine.

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Multipurpose tools

For Christmas, we’re staying in a cabin with some very nice owl andirons . Benny had to tell me what andirons are for, and then he put the andirons where they’re supposed to go in the fireplace. When the fire is going, the owls’ glass eyes glow very nicely. They do not, however, play little trumpets as far as I can tell.

Security leek

Maybe I should have posted this cartoon near Thanksgiving since it’s food-centric, but it also has a similar storyline to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer so I think now is just as fine a time to celebrate this brave little (ce)boy(ya).

Found via the amazing Instagram of bittycar once again

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Magic Mike it’s not

Every time I think I’ve seen all the vintage Halloween cartoons, someone proves me wrong. Thanks to @bittycar, I think I have two spooky bits to post this weekend. Try not to get too scared.

Snowy mountain breakdown

Yesterday I stumbled across a – shall we say – rather thorough shot-by-shot analysis of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, and I have to say that it nagged at me a bit. Yes, it reminded me that I would never cut it if I wanted to go and get a film critical studies degree, but on the other hand I kept noticing a blind spot.

If you thought the theories in Room 237 were wild, your mind will boggle at the sheer volume of references noted by this author. The Roadrunner, kitchen safety posters, Nietzsche, Playgirl magazine, Alex Colville, Shakespeare, French doors, the four seasons, Edomite kings, legs of lamb, blackboards, dart boards, lightbulbs, Clint Eastwood, The Flying Dutchman… and yet she misses one.

When talking to the pediatrician early in the movie, Wendy Torrance is wearing not one but two union suits. Two union suits. You know who else wore two union suits? Farmer Al Falfa in this cartoon, that’s who. And I hardly have to tell you what that signifies, right?

Yeah, actually I got nothing either.

Wolf spider

If you’ve ever wondered about the specifics in regards to a spider wearing pants, this cartoon is for you. I think it’s a spider, anyway. He only appears to have six legs but maybe he’s one of those ant-mimicking spiders. An awfully big ant-mimicking spider. Either that or the bats are very small. And the giraffes. And the cheetahs. And the elephants. Yeah, let’s go with big ant-mimicking spider. Big ant-mimicking uxoricidal spider. With a castle. The world in this cartoon is really something.

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That name’s not going to fit on a Starbucks cup

One week later and I’m still trying to figure out how it took us 36 hours to fly from Burbank to Oklahoma City. Thankfully the flight back was relatively uneventful, and we have somehow acquired yet another straw hat.

Cuckoo clock

While it’s true that this short doesn’t turn into a proper cartoon until three minutes in, if you skip over the intro you are going to miss not only kids trying to bash an alarm clock but a very interesting family heirloom.

Milky weigh

When I started watching this cartoon, I was reminded of a film where a teenager who’s just gotten a college athletic scholarship is made sickly when his possessive guardian repeatedly gives him poisoned milk. I couldn’t remember the film, so I did the natural thing and googled “man poisoned with milk films.” I got more results than I thought I would, but I still didn’t find the movie I was thinking of. I think I’m going to need some coffee if I want to wake up my brain enough to remember it.

PS – the film is Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker, a film from 1981 that has some pretty progressive ideas for the era and genre about homophobia. It also features Jimmy McNichol and Susan Tyrell as the hunky teen and his possessive guardian.

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