Love set

It’s been a tough week and I don’t feel like sifting through a bunch of cartoons to find one that doesn’t have casual racism or toxic masculinity or just simple meanness. Here’s a short bit from Len Lye’s “Rainbow Dance” set to music from another one of his films. I’m going to listen to this music for the rest of the day maybe.

Geography, astronomy, music, history

On Monday, Benny and I saw the solar eclipse at a high school football field in the Idaho Cascades. A girl named Phoenix organized a big viewing festival with the local school STEM club, and there were telescopes and pinhole box viewers and hamburgers and European tourist families and a cute boy playing a soulful acoustic rendition of “I’m Sexy And I Know It” on his guitar and a big countdown to the totality that was off by a few seconds. It was pretty nice. There was a rundown trailer down the road with a brand-new Confederate flag hanging from it, but mostly there were people being happy and excited and community-minded. It was a good day.

This cartoon reminds me a little of the whole experience, I guess. Let’s see if we can outshine ignorance.

Sunday slump

Everyone seems to be talking about the latest development in liquid food substitutes, but nobody’s said anything about how it works against night starvation. Maybe I’ll just stick with Horlick’s.

50 million monkeys can’t be wrong

“The Peanut Vendor” is not considered to be a “significant” work by artist Len Lye. I think that is kind of a shame.

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