Tried and trusted cure

At first I thought, “Why would a person need a remedy for a bump on the head?” but then I realized that was my cultural bias. People living in Cartoon Land are always in desperate need of a remedy for a bump on the head. Heal up quick, Farmer Al Falfa.

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Flapper Boots and the Underpants King

Yesterday was this cartoon’s 95th birthday. I think it holds up pretty well. Lots of gags and a radio hypnotizer to boot.

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Voice choice

Hey everybody! It’s Billy Murray, the Denver Nightingale himself, providing the voice of Talkie in this cartoon. You say you don’t know who Billy Murray is? Man, know your onions. He’s a real lalapazaza.

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Pole position

Felix is one heck of a loyal friend.

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Fire, fire

Right now something called the Sand Fire is raging up in Santa Clarita and the sky here some thirty miles away is filled with smoke and ash and the sun looks like an angry red eye. Sand Fire. Not as good a name as the recent Witch Fire and Fish Fire, but still quite dramatic. Coming up with the names for the big brush fires we have down here would be a job I would enjoy, I think. Stay safe, everyone.

Thanks for that crazy fire timelapse video, Amanda Cole!

Summertime hash

This cartoon is a mess. They just threw everything in the pot and looped some of the actions for good measure. Seriously, this is like a cartoon of floor sweepings. I don’t know why I’m posting it. Maybe because of that squirrel. I hope Farmer Al Falfa got his nice cocktail at some point.

What do you call a camel with three humps?

“There’s a place in France
Where the ladies wear no pants…”

What is the actual name of that song? “Egyptian Melody”? “Arabian Song”? “Camel Dance”? Benny is also finding alternate lyrics:

“On the planet Mars
All the women smoke cigars…”

Hm. Anyway, watch the women in this cartoon. They are wearing pants and not smoking cigars.

Boba cat

If you find yourself worried about the whereabouts of mini-Felix about halfway through this cartoon, you’re not the only one. Have no fear; he (she?) reappears by the time the story wraps up.

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The bike with horsepower

I don’t know about you, but I’m finding the body-slicing abilities of the animals on this farm way scarier than any old witch or hooting pumpkin.

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Out of the inkwell, into the fishtank

Poor Koko. Held captive, periodically mutilated, and drugged to boot. No wonder he acts up from time to time.

Oh, hey. Benny is having an open studio event at 1 pm tomorrow (Sunday, July 20th) where he will be selling Series Two of his amazing Klown Bricks and a bunch of other astounding art. If you are in the LA area, you should come by. If you’re not in the LA area and want to reserve a brick (check out the bricks here), comment here or send me a message ASAP and I’ll give you more info. Hooray for Klown Bricks!

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