A celebration of me

Oh hey! It’s my birthday. Well, not today. Not for about two weeks, actually. But hey! Perfect time for you to get me a birthday present. I mean, if you want to. I’m not expecting anything. But yeah.

There happens to be this periodical publication devoted to clip art in a specific theme. It’s called Crap Hound. This current edition that they have compiled is superstition-themed clip art. So that’s two out of three things in the subtitle of Fancy Notions – superstition and ephemera. The thing is that they aren’t going to be able to publish this edition unless they get enough donations from their Kickstarter fund. If they don’t publish this edition I am going to be very disappointed. So maybe you could go to their Kickstarter page and donate some money. And I will be so happy. And maybe they’ll have a future edition devoted to etiquette clip art. I don’t know. Hooray for my birthday!

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Your number one source

It’s a groundbreaking day here at the Notions. For the first day in I don’t know how many days, the top searches resulting in arrival at this site have not been “big butt panties,” “anorexic girls,” or “A1 steak sauce.” Taroo taray! Not to say that I don’t love big butt panties, anorexic girls, and A1 steak sauce, but I’m afraid people searching for those items might be disappointed when they arrive here.

I think the new stats indicate that I’m finally getting traffic sent here that actually wants to be sent here. Today’s top searches people used to find this site are:

  • tricycle ruined
  • snoopy cartoons
  • beef jerky flickr
  • sneezing etiquette
  • anorexic girls (Damn it! Okay; it’s still on here, but it’s not #1 on the list today)
  • washroom etiquette cartoons
  • waiting for my sissy haircut and perm
  • beer in jollibee menu

Welcome, searchers of beef jerky flickr. I hope you find what you’re looking for. Jollibee searchers, you may want to look elsewhere.

Technical difficulties

While it’s true that:

  1. the Fancy Notions Audio-Visual Archives was flooded this weekend, and
  2. my most recent post is not showing up on the main page,

I think that we are just encountering minor technological hiccups rather than any sort of sabotage. Have no fear; all salvageable 16mm film has been put out to dry and I’ll get to the bottom of the disappearing post issue as well. The latter may be the simple issue of not linking to another site that uses swear words.

Please stand by.

UPDATE: Ha! The post just got stuck in a time-warp and traveled back ten days. It’s now up for your enjoyment directly below.

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Jesus crackers!

Do you know what today is? Today is the first birthday of Fancy Notions. This merits some sort of celebration.

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Order from chaos

Dear Readers,

I need your help. If you frequent this site you may be aware that I have some regular categories into which many posts fit quite nicely. I have the Lost & Found category, which features lost and found pet notices but also veers off track from time to time without too much fuss. I have the Store Front Art category, which features art that has achieved greatness beyond its original intention to attract customers to a business; not all of the art featured in Store Front Art is actually painted on the front of a store, but it fits the spirit of the category. Yesterday, however, I found this flyer on my front gate, and I must admit it confounded me:


Do I put this in Lost & Found or Store Front Art? Or do I just post this to the Flickr group photo pool dedicated to Stick Figures In Peril? Anybody who has ever tried to saw something while not having any hands or elbow joints knows that the contractor depicted above is in a perilous situation indeed.

So, please:

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Save Kentonville

I was preparing to do a post about this artist featured on neatorama.com who makes dresses out of pinecones and lily pads and 99 cent store items, but when I watched a video of her making one of these dresses, I got a little blehhed out by all the Cat Stevens and hippie dancing and decided not to post about her.

But while I was looking at the original article, I found an amusing comment from somebody who identified himself as the Mayor of Kentonville, and his comment piqued my interest enough to click on his name. And lo and behold, I found myself in that smallest of micronations (i.e. one that only exists online) Kentonville.

So far there are mainly just text block placeholders on the various pages, but I feel that Kentonville has a lot of promise; it really sounds like my sort of place. I am hoping very much that Kentonville does not become one of those “one post wonder” blogs bjournals, so I think I’m going to have to write to Kenton to encourage him to press on. And while I am loath to tell you what to do, Fancy Reader, I hope that you can find some time to write to him as well. Go Kentonville!

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