Jung man, there’s no need to feel down

I guess I’m not unique in that I’ve been thinking about good men and bad men lately, and gender in general. Yesterday I read an essay by a man that pointed out:

“…no wonder many of us have failed to see grabby men as a serious social problem for women, when an American boyhood consists of little else but unorganized combat drills, unwanted invasions of personal territory. It’s all grabs, punches, towel flicks, fake homoerotic aggression, threats of unspecified but grim—and, as one ages—increasingly sexualized violence.”

and, well, I agree with that and also I don’t know what to do with that. And neither does the author, really. The essay is entitled “What Is It Like To Be A Man?” and one of the points is that being a man is confusing and tough if you are or want to be something other than a Man (whatever that means in this day and age), and also you feel guilty about even admitting things can be confusing or tough if you’re a man… because of a lot of things.

After I read the article, I read a very long comment thread about the article, and it was a surprisingly nuanced comment thread. At least I think it was. It got confusing for me. There was a lot of talk about hermeneutics, category exemplars, what one actually associates with Heidegger, and lots of other stuff that I never understand but people sometimes think I do because I guess I nod and smile in the right places when people are talking about them.

Anyway, I still don’t know what it is like to be a man, Philip Christman doesn’t know what it is like to be a man, but I have a feeling this guy at Andrew’s of Burbank

knows what it is like to be a man. And being a man can be awesome.

Photo by Jason Hadley, the awesomest man I know
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Theology and ichthyology

I’ve been reading about the blobfish today. A thing I just learned about the blobfish is that when he’s alive and swimming around, he doesn’t look like that cartoony big-nosed lumpy dude that we picture when we think of a blobfish. True, he doesn’t have much in the way of muscle mass, but he actually looks more like a regular sort of fish when he’s down in the high pressure of the deep water where he lives. When he’s brought up to the surface quickly, some decompression damage occurs and that’s when he gets all sad and bulbous-looking.

I wonder if this guy at Botanica Udalu was brought up to the surface too quickly.

Photo by Benny
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The ‘sixers

“Oops Class? What’s Oops Class?”

Oh. I do think someone made this in Oops Class, though.

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And the rest, 2017 edition

From my last two posts whooping and hollering about the amazingness of some different lands that we visited, you might get the impression that I don’t appreciate the USA. That would be wrong. I love a place that has this merry-go-round sign for a Chinese restaurant

and this giant polar bear casino

and this crazy pastime

and this sign

and this fish ladder

and so much more that there’s no way I can include even just the best stuff from a four-state road trip in one post. I love you, USA. This isn’t a popularity contest. Chill out.

Mælk, melk

My friend Tori and I went to check out the wildflowers on Monday and for some reason wound up taking a detour around Lake Elsinore. I’d never been to Lake Elsinore before, and I found it kind of scary and kind of magical. We did not find Prince Hamlet nor any lake monsters but did come across an abandoned military academy that Bela Lugosi’s son attended:

and a lot of “Don’t Worry About The Dog, Beware Of Owner” signs. The strange part came when I suddenly needed to hear the “Milk Crisis” song from Sesame Street that another friend had recently shared with me. I dialed up the clip on YouTube,

we started singing along, and before we knew it, a dairy farm appeared:

It was a Dutch dairy and not a Danish dairy, but it was still rather remarkable. Lake Elsinore, what other mysteries do you contain?

Point well taken

I drove by what is probably my favorite liquor store sign today and thought about trying to take another picture of it, but I was late for an appointment. I always take rotten photos of this sign for some reason, and I would really like to have a nice photo of it someday. When I don’t stop to make another photo attempt, it’s because it’s too hard to park there, or the light seems bad, or whatever. And I already missed getting a photo of it before it got a big hole in it.

When I was leaving my appointment, I heard the news that the Melrose Witch (a/k/a Lava Lady, a/k/a Wellington Witch, etc.) had died. I drove by the liquor store sign, took a few more rotten photos, got home and bumped up the color on the photo as far as it would go, and now I’m posting it in honor of the passing of a most unique lady.


RIP, Ray Suzan Strauss. You were one of the first things I liked about Los Angeles.


UPDATE: More links about Suzan Strauss here and here (I’m being informed that my hyperlink color is too close to my regular text color, so you might have missed one of these above)

Incisor? I hardly knew her

The expressive eyes on this tooth made me drive around the block for a second look.


So gentle. So soothing… even with that giant cavity near roots. And such fine eyebrows. He’s like an old-timey drawing of Mister Sun. Interesting that this tooth resides just a few blocks away from the tooth that is being embraced by a cobra. Thanks for keeping us calm, Gentle Tooth.

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Moonlight on Rubberleg Square

The one rule at this bar is that you must leave as soon as the bottles start looking straight.


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Sir Cough, a guy

I seem to be way behind in posting vacation photos. We’re already in Memphis, and have passed through Cairo and Little Egypt and I can’t remember what else and I still haven’t shared my photos of all those mysterious fiberglas tombs we found all stacked up together.



IMG_5442  IMG_5456




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Weekend plans

How do I get invited to one of these?


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