Thy fearful asymmetry

A couple of friends of mine used to live in this middle eastern-themed apartment building in Silver Lake

and while I thought it was cute with its odd conglomeration of onion dome and towers and terraces, I never considered it worthy of much serious attention. But a Facebook group called SoCal Historical Architecture recently posted a photo of it and pointed out how very unusual its asymmetry was for a mere apartment building

(that’s taken head on; look at the towers!), and now I’m feeling bad that I didn’t give it the respect it deserved earlier. I don’t remember if your interior contained any similarly unique elements (from the looks of your new vinyl windows, I’m guessing not), but no matter. 2016 is the year I start giving you the respect you deserve, middle eastern-themed apartment.

The hopping dead

It’s the most important time of the year over at Bunnybury,

which means all the residents are out in their finery.

All the residents.

They’re even braving the crocodile-infested pond to celebrate the holiday, these bunnies.

But they might want to be on alert, and not because of the zombie in their midst.

That particular zombie in their midst is benign, although some of his followers are a bit rabid at times. No, I’m talking about something I’ve been watching just down the street from them. I first saw this guy around Halloween last year

and then I saw this guy:

As of this week, I noticed a third one… and they seem to be joining forces.

Watch out, bunnies. These guys look like they’re ready to burn a church down, at the very least.

She’s so unusual

When I grow up, I want to be Alison Martino. It’s possible that I am older than her, but I still want to be her when I grow up. If you don’t know who Alison Martino is and you’re interested in pop culture, Los Angeles history, or interesting architecture, you should check out her blog. Be prepared to fall down a rabbit hole or two, but don’t forget to come back here at some point. I don’t think she posted this video over there (though she did call my attention to it), and it’s a perfect example of my “Around the World in Los Angeles” category.

Oh, Lindy, I do love living in this land of bathing girls and whatnot. Wait – who’s Lindy?

Of the tree

I was driving around the neighborhood I lived in while I was a junior in college today when I noticed a new bus stop.

Dang, I didn’t remember there being a covered bus stop on this street. A bunch of abandoned houses taken over by crack addicts and a vacant lot or two, sure. But a fancy covered bus stop with lots of flower arrangements, no. Geez, 22nd Street is really getting fancy.

Christ on a cracker, this has been here since 1998? I guess I haven’t been around this neighborhood for quite a while. You would think the public transportation system would have paid more attention than I have to this particular route, what with all the flowers and the fanciness and whatnot.

This guy seems like he has been waiting for an awfully long time.

Fresh air, Pershing Square

Maybe it doesn’t work the same in New York City, but I don’t think Oliver and Lisa on Green Acres tried hard enough trying to respect each other’s wishes. If they had lived in Los Angeles, there would have been no issue trying to capture a little bit of country life within the metropolis. Here’s what I found without even breaking a sweat.

Hog, approx. 3 miles from Dodger Stadium:

Front yard treehouse, 1/2 mile from Forest Lawn Glendale (home of the world’s largest permanently mounted religious painting in the world):

Chickens, 1/2 block from Los Angeles City College:

Axe-throwing target, 3/4 mile from Hollywood & Vine:

Coors-powered vehicle, one mile from Silver Lake institution Spaceland (now The Satellite):

100-mule team parade, four miles from Walt Disney Studios:

I haven’t found Mr. Drucker yet, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

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999 hoppy haunts

My young ward and I were walking about the neighborhood recently when we noticed something interesting happening at Bunnybury – the house with the hundreds of rabbit figurines in the yard. Mainly, there were no more rabbits. There were, however, quite a number of ghouls and ghosts and skeletons and such.

Note young ward’s tongue lolling about in terror. Wow. What happened to all the rabbits?

Oh, there’s a couple. They look terrified. I guess I would be too if I found myself in this unsettling landscape. Maybe they had been invited to a wedding

or had season tickets for basketball

in their formerly pleasant hamlet and nobody bothered to tell them that their world had suddenly turned into Night of the Undead Lepus. Or something. I guess those don’t really look like rabbit skeletons. Maybe just the ghosts are rabbits. Regardless, pretty darned scary.


Not in Kansas, etcetera, etcetera

I have a feeling nobody is going to understand this reference, but in my afternoon walk today I stumbled upon Bunnybury – a place where rabbits rule.

There were other inhabitants there, to be sure. I hadn’t expected the armed guard to look like they did

and I’m not sure about this reservation/internment camp they had going on,

but it was mostly peaceful bunnies. Lots and lots of bunnies.

Ah, it was so nice to be in the Land of Oz this afternoon.

Wait, what?


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Rubelia ballet

You can always tell a proper castle by the inability of an amateur photographer to capture its magnificence. Albeit one made of bottles and bike parts and discarded telephone poles, Rubel Castle in Glendora is a proper castle.

I didn’t get a proper photo of the windmill, the fake cemetery, the old caboose, the bottle house, or the Round Table, but here’s the drawbridge. The cannons on top were made by hollowing out some telephone poles. Michael Rubel and his friends shot oranges into the neighborhood sometimes.

Let’s go inside and see more terrible photos that I took.

I didn’t get any photos of the machine shop, the blacksmith shop, or the bird bath that was powered by a very loud 16-ton single piston oil pump, but here’s where the bee hives were kept.

And here’s the clock tower. It was much more impressive in real life. The clock struck eleven when we were there and we got to see the weights whirl around and everything. I did take a photo of that but it came out all blurry.

Finally, I didn’t get any shots of the dumbwaiter Dwight Eisenhower got stuck in, the table Sally Rand danced on for a ten-year-old boy’s birthday party, nor the room Prince Philip liked to hang out in. Here’s a motorcycle stuck in a wall.

And I can’t remember what happened in here. This might have been the queen’s private quarters.

I will never make a proper docent. Let’s just wrap up my lame tour of the incredible Rubel Castle, shall we? Someday maybe I will share with you my terrible photos of the fantastical Schloss Nymphenburg.

Memories of housing development

I saw this unique dingbat apartment in Santa Monica today.

I wonder – are socialists in favor of or against rent control?

At water

You know when you’re snorkeling underwater and you look above you when a big fish or ray or turtle swims by you, and the sun is streaming behind the fish putting it in silhouette, and it looks like the fish is flying in the sky?

This wasn’t one of those times. These rays were actually flying in the sky.

I found them at a very pretty tetanus reef in Atwater Village.

There were no “Beware of Dogfish” signs in the front yard, so I figured I could poke around a little.

Thankfully, nothing poked me back.

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