Foiled again

Well, here we are. As of today (or maybe tomorrow; that first post wasn’t much), I’ve been writing Fancy Notions for ten years. A ten year anniversary is typically celebrated with tin or aluminum, but I had really wanted to make myself an elaborate smorgastarta, which is

a savory sandwich cake, frequently made with shrimp and eggs but mainly just whatever you feel like would be good in a sandwich cake. Ham slices, radishes, chickpeas and beets… with frosting made of cream cheese and maybe some ranch dressing. Yes.

But it’s Wednesday, and I’m tired. And it’s also Pi Day. A pie tin would work with both aspects of the day, but there’s no way I can bake a pie right now. If only there was one of those pecan pie vending machines nearby. Who’s in Austin and can ship me a celebratory pecan pie? I’ll owe you a smorgastarta.

And don’t worry. I may be tired, and I may not be able to go on forever like pi, but I will keep this blog going for as long as I can possibly handle it. Thank you very much for your support through the years!

Photo by Pomax on Flickr

A stitch in time

What do these things have in common?

They are all nine. Turn me on, dead man.

Coming of age

Benny and I went to a “coming of age” themed party last night, and for a while we were the only people dressed in costume besides an awesome roller disco-dressed pal. So I’m not sure how grown up we are. I guess I could make the argument that being grown up is dressing up for a costume party and not worrying whether other people are going to dress up. What I do know is that being grown up is a lot more than being organized, because if that were the case, I would have been grown up a long time ago.

This week’s animation gets extra points for the part where it seems like Grandmother Cat is getting a prank call from a cow. She’s not, but it sure seems like it at first.

A very mellowed yellow

Right now I’m working in a fairly corporate/industrial area, and when I went for a walk around lunchtime, my surroundings were pretty bleak. Until I came across this on the sidewalk:


Thank you, Vaudeville gag-style litter. You always make me laugh.

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Watch. Crystals

Once upon a time I was in a band with some pretty magical creatures. This weekend I had the good fortune to hang out with two of those magical creatures. Would you like to hear about it? Of course you would.

Julie and Elana and I drove around in a really sexy red spaceship car and played with awesome dogs and lolled about in pools of varying temperatures, and we talked and talked and talked. It was such a fantastic weekend. You need to have a weekend like this. If I had my own planet, everybody on the planet would get to have at least one weekend like this. Not too many, lest it not be properly appreciated, but at least one.

It would have been a great weekend even without the Crystal Cave. But we were at this swap meet and Julie said something about a crystal cave being there right in the middle of the swap meet, and well, what would you do if you heard that there was a crystal cave in the middle of the swap meet?



We found it and went in, of course. That guy with the tooth is Bob, and he made the thing. Twice. You can read more about it and see more pictures here. As you can tell from our faces, it was not a disappointment. After we got out of the cave, Bob even let us go in his sooper sekrit light show room. I’m not going to post photos of that because… well, it was sooper sekrit and you should try to go see all of this on your own if you can.

So now I’m back in real life, but I’m still happy because that whole weekend wasn’t a dream and all these people and things really exist in the world, at least for the time being. As we were leaving, Bob told us, “Share the joy!” and so I’m doing my best. Have a good week, everyone.

Top photo and video by me; bottom photo by Elana Scherr

A ticket, a tocket

I got some brand new rockets for this year’s Rocket Day. One is tall and thin and shaped like a pencil. Benny laughed at me for getting it but it’s supposed to go really high. The other one is short and squat and isn’t supposed to go really high, but it kind of looks like SBI-5.

I’ll let you know if I encounter any Atlanteans or dinosaurs or fancy space millionaires while flying it. Wish me luck.

Serious business

I’m pretty happy to have this new temporary job, and I am not going to let this new temp job sap my brain and my energy and keep me from posting like the other one did last summer. I am not going to let it do that.

But forgive me if I take a few days/weeks to get back into the swing of things. Here is a monkey on his way to work, commuting on a goat. You can pretend the monkey is me if you want to.


gif by katbell on giphy; most of her other stuff seems to be about poodles and that White Girls movie so maybe somebody else made this and she just posted it. I don’t know.  
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Hot punch

I know it’s too early to start planning a Halloween party but my friend Chuckles and I were looking through the File o Fun this weekend and I started getting excited. The File o Fun is a card file of activities that Chuckles found at her work, and it has all sort of suggestions for making parties and dances less boring. There are games like Potato Knockout and Lemon Dance, skits to perform, suggestions for a really good blindfold, and instructions about when you should and should not award prizes at your party. The File o Fun seems like something Amy Sedaris would own and use often, much to the chagrin of her friends. Our version is from 1970 but it looks like there is a newer edition available on Amazon.

Something I didn’t notice before this weekend in the File of Fun was the section devoted to “detailed party plans.” These plans fold out into full-sized pieces of paper, and while most of them look good enough to print onto a t-shirt, there is one that stands out – the Halloween Family Night.


Yes, that may be clown makeup there on the bottom. We’re not talking about that – let’s look at the actual activities.


Peanut Lag! Apple Biting! Jail! And then there’s the Danger Corner:


This party sounds awesome. As soon as I determine what the Peanut Lag is, I’m going to try to put this shindig together. Google isn’t helping me and the File o Fun doesn’t have a master table of contents, so it may take me until October to figure this out.

It’s always ruined by the villainous space-age monkey

In honor of the long Labor Day weekend, I’m posting an hour-long film about a utopia infiltrated by an evil wizard. Unless you speak Swedish, you’ll need to turn on the subtitles in order to figure out what’s happening. Or maybe you don’t. It’s hard to tell.

Check out the English-language trailer here if you’re not sure this spectacle is worth your while.

via Metafilter


This post isn’t about that front yard in Glendale with all the bunnies, the place I like to call Bunnybury. This post is about The Bunny Museum in Pasadena, a place I have wanted to go to for a long time. It’s been in the Guinness Book of World Records, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, and amongst other luminaries, Huell Howser has visited; it’s a famous place. This weekend I finally went there.

And I don’t know. It was all a little much for me. I wasn’t prepared to be surrounded by so much bunny, I guess. Frankly, I was worried I was going to be trapped alive and at certain points I actually got lightheaded. If you have claustrophobia or you grew up in a hoarder household, this might not be the place for you. If you don’t have these issues, then by all means go visit the Bunny Museum.

There were some specific themes as you flowed through the rooms that I picked up on despite my incapacitated state. This place could have used more of a curatorial/editorial eye for me, but damn it, it sure was organized. There was the salt and pepper nook (sorry for some of these being blurry; like I said, it was all a little much for me and so there were times my motor skills kind of failed):

There were remnants of a baby bunny souvenir:

remnants of a non-baby bunny loved one:

remnants of a non-baby bunny non-loved one, encrusted with pearls:

then a complete pearl bunny suit:

more bunny suits:

a different kind of bunny suit:

and then we were in the kitchen:

where there were tons more bunnies, including a baby Flemish Giant that was the size of a Jack Russell terrier.

Yeah, these photos don’t really capture the feeling of being surrounded by over 30,000 bunnies. Maybe if I had used a wide-angle lens and stood on a ladder in the corner, I could have captured that feeling. Or maybe I would have fallen off the ladder into the bunny collection, never to be seen again.

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