Love set

It’s been a tough week and I don’t feel like sifting through a bunch of cartoons to find one that doesn’t have casual racism or toxic masculinity or just simple meanness. Here’s a short bit from Len Lye’s “Rainbow Dance” set to music from another one of his films. I’m going to listen to this music for the rest of the day maybe.

New Zoo. Review

I got tired of watching old cartoons this morning that were really awesome until about three-four minutes in, when they had to add some weird racist caricatures for some reason. Sometimes I post cartoons like that anyway, with a link to a good essay about that sort of stuff, but I am just not in the mood to do that today.

So here’s a pretty new cartoon. It’s short but it’s good. Turn it up loud and have a better day.

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This year’s model

Have you heard of the latest technology? Wireless fidelity, and you don’t even need a hotspot.

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Most irregular

I actually like prunes, and I understand that this is a marketing film for the California prune board, but six or seven a day seems excessive. Were Americans in the ’50s eating insulating foam sealant?


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What did the big acorn say to the little acorn, part 2

I don’t know if I’m feeling major key or minor key today, but I’m definitely feeling geometry, so you get two retro computer graphics animations this morning.

There will not be a quiz on this later.

Via Open Culture

Poe tay toe salad

Ladies, remember: listening to your emotions will make you fat. Or a nazi.

Wait – that’s a terrible message.

Oh, wait again – boredom isn’t an emotion.

Ladies, being bored will make you fat. Or a nazi.


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Haircuts of the day

When reading about this Felix the Cat novelty song, I learned about a haircut called the shingle different from what I knew in the ’80s as a shingle. As one does, I quickly fell down a rabbit hole of ’20s hairstyles. Coconut bob. Eton crop. Cottage loaf. Earphones and cootie garages. None of which make any sense for Felix. Who gives a cat a haircut?

Won’t wake up, won’t eat his cereal

As someone who spent some time in bed sick this week, I can attest that sleeping too much can give you some very strange dreams. Wake up, gosling.

Never brought to mind

As the extremely legit-looking scientist says, “If things don’t get worse, they definitely will get better.” All I know is that my shadow feels so very, very long right now and I’m ready for a fresh start. Good luck with 2018, everybody.

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Climate change

Hey, sorry I didn’t post a cartoon last week but I was at a fire festival where we couldn’t actually have a fire because everything else in the state is currently on fire. All these fires and the warm temperatures in general are not really putting me in the Christmas spirit. Thankfully I found a cartoon that brings these two ideas together. It’s long too, so hopefully that makes up for last week’s absence.

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