Royal dreading

I know you have a pretty good head on your shoulders, Princess, and you might have already noticed this but I thought I should tell you just in case you didn’t. According to the credits, the prince is really Lord Garp. Do with that as you will.

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Mad cow

I didn’t think it was possible for a cartoon to make me consider vegetarianism, but the headless cow carcass gag in this did make me a little uneasy. Maybe that’s the point. The rest of the cartoon doesn’t seem to make much sense or even have a throughline beyond “musicians are frequently hungry.” And I can attest to that. Please enjoy while I go rustle me up some breakfast.

Don’t order the custard pie

Ah, phew. We made it through May the Fourth and Cinco de Mayo without too much damage, and now it’s time for a nice cartoon about an unsanitary restaurant using child labor. Ah, the good old days…


After a few weeks of putting it off and some discussions among friends on Facebook, I finally went in for a haircut this week. I haven’t had a steady hair stylist/cutter for a long time now other than Benny; the only ones that have given me good cuts have either moved away, been too expensive if I didn’t date them or have made me self-conscious of a couple of weird lumps I have on my head. So I’ve been hopping around.

I went to a new place Thursday, and I won’t say the name of the place other than to say I didn’t get my promised-for shoulder rub. I did get a very funny fellow who kept me in stitches and made me not notice until I got in my car that he had given me a Limecat hairdo

with some Angelina Jolie from Girl, Interrupted bangs

because of course the only people who will look fabulous with those bangs are Angelina Jolie and me, a fat woman in her late forties with salt and pepper hair. So right now I look like a woman who went nuts in the country club restroom. And I have a family wedding to go to today.

But good news – I’ve found two new possible guys to try as soon as this hair grows out. Oswald and Flip. They both have similar store branding techniques, but their cutting techniques seem unique to each of them. Which one do you think?

Hooked on Bosh

I’ve been spending a lot of time during the last week or three wrestling with some ideas about communication and narcissism and sharing and broadcasting and receiving, and writing proper posts has kind of gotten tangled up in this.

Maybe if I watch this animation enough things will straighten themselves out.

For fox’s sake

This morning I learned about drag hunting, which is sort of like fox hunting without the fox. The dogs are trained to follow a trail left by a human runner, which I guess some fox hunting enthusiasts don’t think is exciting enough for the dogs or something.

I don’t know, fox hunters. Judging from this cartoon, the hounds were chasing a top hat all along.

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Happy peace, Felix pace

I know I’m about twelve hours late with my Saturday morning cartoon post, but oh boy, this is a good one. I spent some time at work this week researching some Felix the Cat history (so I know those first two little guys are named Inky and Winky), but I didn’t come across this cartoon until later today. It’s well worth the wait, I think. I could just listen to this soundtrack and be happy.

Zip gun

I’ve posted this cartoon before, but that post has a dead link so I think it’s okay to revisit now. Last time I posted it, I noticed something that was possibly offensive but now I’m not so sure. Maybe it was something I ate that day. Maybe it’s still offensive but things have gotten so much more toxic that in the grand scheme of things this doesn’t even register anymore.

But anyway, the thing I noticed the most about this cartoon upon watching it again this morning is that there are some delightful sound effects at about 2:14. Enjoy. This transfer isn’t the greatest but it’s the best I could find.

L’air du printemps

I might be speaking too soon, but from the weather forecast it looks like Persephone has returned from the Underworld. Welcome back, lady. I hope those pomegranate seeds were worth it.

Pumps the old bazoom

A couple of years ago I found myself taking elementary school spring photos on St. Patrick’s Day. As luck would not have it, I had forgotten to wear green. Most of the kids were pretty cool about it but there was one little second-grade girl who kept hissing at me, “I’m gonna PINCH you…”.

I didn’t say anything, but her teacher overheard and said to me, “Oh, that one. She is driving me insane. The other day I caught her making out with a little boy behind the garbage cans.” I restrained myself from braying, “Oh, she’s a right high spirited lass,” which was maybe good because the teacher had an Irish surname and probably wouldn’t have appreciated it.

Kiss all the boys today if you feel like it, little girl. Just don’t drink any green beer.

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