Unstable solution

Someone posted this to “The Psychedelic Solution!” Facebook page, so I guess I can’t quit Facebook quite yet. Google Translate says this cartoon is entitled either “Massage Concert” or “Container For Auto.” Not sure if I can quit Google Translate yet.

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Oil change

This is one of those confusing cartoons where some animals wear pants and shoes and buy things and other animals act like real-world animals. That’s about all I can say about this cartoon other than noting that the patent medicine guy has some real rubberhose-style legs. There’s no real plot or resolution here, but his legs are pretty great to watch.

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Bow wow

Before he made terrifying sword-wielding skeletons and sword-wielding Hindu deities and sword-wielding dinosaurs (maybe I have that one wrong), Ray Harryhausen was making cartoon shorts based on nursery rhymes. I always found Old Mother Hubbard’s dog kind of confusing, but as far as I recall he never wielded a sword so hooray for Ray for branching out on that.

Playing the piper

Sorry for not posting a cartoon yesterday morning. I was busy celebrating Play Music On The Porch Day with some friends. I do not have the skills that young Tom here has, as I did not save any kittens from a well or conjure up nursery rhyme-themed plants in the garden, but I think we all had fun.

There are a lot of uncles somewhere

This cartoon was pretty cute but I still feel like I need to fill my house with boric acid. Go make a hill someplace and leave me alone, guys.

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Benny and I decided to go snorkeling on Catalina Island this weekend. On the ferry over here, there was a magazine that listed all the fun things to do on the island. It suggested that seniors might appreciate getting some salt water taffy. Why this was an activity for seniors, we were not sure.

We’re probably going to stick with snorkeling. I wonder if we’re going to see any hairy octopus.

The gift of Gabby

I really liked Gabby the Goat when I was a kid (whoops), but I never thought until now how odd it was that he was such a hothead. Sure, goats scream a lot and kick and head butt small children, but they always do it with a peaceful expression. Gabby, what’s the problem?

Soleil noon fry

This cartoon is a little long, but maybe that’s a good thing. Instead of heading outside in today’s predicted inferno, you can hunker down to watch it in front of a fan and a bowl of ice cubes.


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Bully beef

He seemed very brave at first, but after watching this cartoon in its entirety I’m not so sure of the purity of John the Bull’s call to sacrifice. Put your money where your mouth is, John.

Then again, I’m not so sure that John is even bovine. At the beginning he seems to have normal cloven hooves, but at the end, doesn’t he appear to have three fingers on each hand-hoof? Is he some sort of deep cover odd-toed ungulate psyops assassin? You tell me.


It got a little warm here yesterday. 112° where I was at its hottest, but thankfully it cooled down to a brisk 92° by midnight. Today is going to be much better, they say. Only 102° or so. I wish Betty would come along and give me the cold shoulder.

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