Fancy Notions is a website dealing with art, music, popular culture, and human behavior of interest to a very small community located in a secure compound in the Silver Lake hills. Some of this stuff may be of interest to you as well.

Published on March 14, 2008 at 9:23 am  Comments (30)  

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  1. I love your blog. Thank you!!

  2. Well, heck. Thank you!

  3. New BFF (I know this is the first time hearing your new title, hope it is not too shocking and stalker like),

    I love themed houses too. It is a must that you travel to Tujunga. Land of freaky houses!!

    Yesterday was fun. Thanks again!!

  4. Awesome – yes! We should go on an excursion, ma’am.

  5. Can you tell me more about the Spanish Synchronized Swimming Team wardrobe controversy? I can not find any good pictures.

  6. I was looking at your last post about the toy thing and realized you have named Madonnas next tour, “Stick & Brown”
    Is that really Phil’s head?

  7. please correct – stick should be sticky

  8. why are there no pictures of your friends from the fantastic ANTM finale? Weren’t some of your colorful friends in costume again this time?

  9. I hope you went with “Western Paradise”, it just seems the obvious choice to me.

  10. I mean it’s a paradise, right?

  11. what’s your e-mail addy, want to send you some photos of Carol Channing Doll throwing up from a wild party- and her latest space trip.

  12. I really heart the ferret song.

  13. I love your site. Keep it up !

  14. Rock steady, Elizabeth. Love your insights!

  15. Dear Ms Fancy Notions,

    I recall (although I may be having false memories here) that you once told me of a German word that would translate, roughly, as “impudence-fatigue”. If you know of such a word (regardless of whether or not I did in fact ever hear it from you) could you please tell me (the word)? I have a need for this.

  16. Funny stuff

  17. i love you, i love your blog, i love the cut of your boyfriends gib.

  18. Just found a ‘brochure’ of the Borg Warner Vintage Car of the Future in my collection – thought I best do a google to see what may be known about it and found your reference with the same front cover photo

  19. Already stumbled upon some fun finds on your blog. Looking forward to more!

  20. What a beautiful blog you’ve got there! Nice to meet you dear friend <3

  21. Aloha
    Im kuroki from japan.
    l lost a small white stffed dog lahaina maui on Halloween2016.

    l can’t find my stuffed dog yet,but I found your HP(lost&found)!!!
    I was saved your comment&appreciated your kindness!

    Im going to go to maui next week.
    Is your friend Vicki living in maui?
    If it’s possible,I want to thanks to her.

    Thank you for everything,


    • Hello Kuroki! My friend Vicki does not live in Maui; she saw the sign while on vacation. I will be sure to pass along your sweet words to her, however, and I wish you the best of luck in finding your stuffed dog friend!

      • Oh!Thank you for accepting my wishes!
        Please tell Vicki my gratitude.
        Thank you so much!!!!!

  22. Came across your blog for our home, we just bought the little green storybook home on your page :-)

    • Fantastic! I hope you enjoy it on the inside as much as I do from the outside!

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