While it’s not as widely celebrated as Pi Day, and it’s not as momentous as national treasure Al Jaffee turning 102, today is a day that is kind of important to me – Fancy Notions is 15 years old today. If I could, I would buy this blog a beautiful poofy dress and throw a party with lots of boys and desserts and make the blog give a doll to someone.

What I’ll do instead is celebrate the day by resharing some of the more popular posts over the years. Many of the links are dead, some of the jokes don’t make any sense, but here we are.

2008: Etiquette & superstition: sailing
2009: Les Arachides #4: Snoopy’s crisis
2010: For all your Bauhaus flooring needs
2011: Important update
2012: Korean gingerbread
2013: Long after the getting has ceased to be good
2014: Christmas on Mars
2015: Etiquette & superstition: pots to piss in
2016: Ain’t it time we said goodbye?
2017: Please be carful
2018: Fly high and touch the sky
2019: Slayer cake
2020: Prêt-à-rester
2021: The people will survive in their environment
2022: Dios mío

Happy birthday, Fancy. I know it might seem like I’ve been neglecting you of late, but I do love you very much.

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  1. Happy, happy Birthday, Fancy Notions ❣️ What a wonderful way to celebrate 🎊. Here’s to the next 15 years 🥂💖

  2. Fifteen years? Gracious! Happy Anniversary, FN

  3. Happy Birfday FN!

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