A hug waiting to happen

My friend Mara used to keep a blog consisting of cliches about Los Angeles that she found in random media. I’ve never asked her why she stopped writing it, but I suspect that the task was so monumental that it would have consumed her if she had kept it up.

Even though the blog is dormant, she still shares particularly good examples of this bad writing with friends on social media. And you know what? After I don’t know how many years of people complaining about it, the New York Times is still printing a lot of really shitty writing about LA.

This week they ran a pointless article about how people in LA hug a lot. As a greeting. To back up her thesis, the writer of the article talked to one lifetime Angeleno living in Sherman Oaks (a publicist) and a bunch of people who just moved to LA from angrier cities. There is an obligatory mention of a shaman and jokes about gluten and actors and chakras. People spending all their time in cars? Check. Sunshine, all the sunshine? Check. It’s one of those articles written by someone who thinks that everybody in LA works in the entertainment industry.

I happened to spend some time this weekend riding my bike (yes, in the sunshine) at one of the city’s semi-regular Ciclavia events, the route this time going about six miles down Central Avenue from South Central to the Watts Towers. And once again I have to say jeez o petes, NY Times, the real Los Angeles is an enormous, diverse city and I can’t believe you’re still acting like a throwaway joke from Truman Capote is the reality of our lives here.

Maybe I’m being too sensitive. This guy

may very well be a shaman, and I would have gladly accepted a hug from any of these characters

… actually, I’m still on the fence about the last crew. The birds were good but the bird lady was giving me some real Dennis Woodruff vibes. Anyway, you and your hugging article can suck it, NY Times.

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