Randyland, Randyland

There’s a place called Randyland that is very close to where I live. It’s one of those places where you can’t take a proper photo of it. Well, maybe you can. I can’t. And of course I tried.

These were taken around 3:30-4 pm at the end of December. Randy of Randyland told us that it looks different at different times of the year, from different vantage points and of course at different parts of the day.

Same time, same time of year. That’s Randy in the lower left corner. I still can’t get a decent photo of this thing. It’s huge. Those are not 12-ounce bottles up there. The thing in the middle of that eye up there is a glass vessel the size and shape of a human head.

Right now the whole thing is kind of a Virgin de Guadalupe with a huge eye next to it, but Randy noted that it’s always changing. It’s been about 17 different things in the past 20 years.

Ugh. My photos. So inadequate. Go here and here for better pictures and a better sense of scale, preferably while listening to “Happyland” by Harpers Bizarre (written by Randy Newman). Then keep an eye out for a scheduled tour, or bug Randy yourself for a private showing. It’s viewable from the street, but so much better when you can see the thousand bottled little suns from their proper vantage point.

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