Fail to the beef

I guess I haven’t been paying as much attention to the decorative food/lunch meat-as-creature world as much as I used to. Last time I checked in, this guy


was a perfectly reasonable thing you might purchase from, say, the Pahl Gasthaus in Austria (oh whoops; RIP?)… and now it’s on a Tumblr page called “Worst Food Decoration Fails.” This is making me sad.

How judgy a society are we that we deem that ham/pork/sausage pig a failure? Or this noble fish-ship?


And what about Old Pollo MacDonald here?


Sheesh. I’d better steer clear of these guys lest they mock the President’s Day Breakfast Guy that Benny made for me earlier this year.


I love you, Breakfast Guy. I love you, Benny. Who cares about these snobs? We are Food Decoration Winners.

Via Johnny Wallflower on Metafilter. Top photo from now-defunct Pahl-Fleischerei website; bottom photo by me. No clue about the other two; Worst Food Decoration Fails doesn’t seem big on attributions. 

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