Cold shoulder

I don’t post a lot of Betty Boop cartoons. I’m not sure why; maybe it’s because it seems like somebody else has already done it and it’s not that original to do so. I like her fine, but it seems like the ubiquitous truck stop merchandising featuring her image has tarnished her a little in my mind. That’s not really fair. Some dumb lady with her Betty Boop wall clock and Betty Boop coffee mug and Betty Boop slippers going, “Oh, I’m so Betty Boop!” in a baby voice* shouldn’t turn me off of what is a pretty good cartoon character. Just watch how she handles these devils. Go get ’em, Betty.

*Maybe I’m being unfair and mischaracterizing these ladies. Perhaps some time I will have a nice chat with one of them to see what aspects of Betty they identify with and be pleasantly surprised. Perhaps.

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