Shape it up, get straight

There’s a guy in my neighborhood who used to walk two Italian greyhounds around in the evening. I know they were Italian greyhounds because once or twice I or a friend may have murmured, “Ooh, whippets,” when they walked by and the owner guy always responded pretty sharply and superciliously, “They are… Italian greyhounds.” Okay, sorry and thanks for the information.

I don’t know what was up with the snooty response. According to the AKC whippets are miniature English greyhounds, so they are pretty close cousins in my book.I used to walk a Westie around town and I never got mad when somebody called him a Scottie. Is a whippet cheaper than an Italian greyhound and this owner guy was mad that I couldn’t see how much money he spent on his dog? “This isn’t a Pontiac. This is a Bentley.” Because the dogs sure didn’t care. They were having fun walking around being fast little cool guys.

Anyway, I just saw this sign in my neighborhood


and I can’t tell for sure but I think this is one of the fast little cool guys. Did he get tired of being used as a status symbol? Is he going to run and liberate his brother? Live your life, fast little cool guy. Be a Pontiac if you want.

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