Our life is frittered away by detail

Either the details on this flyer are complete conjecture, or the owners got this information from somebody.


And if they got this information from somebody, I would be awfully suspicious of that somebody. “Yes, I saw your cats being abducted. I followed the catnappers, and they drove the cats 2 1/2 miles away. Francesca the cat was killed by a car one block away from the dropping off point two days later.” These are weird details, and a lot of them, and either somebody is making this up or somebody is much too close to the situation.

For a while I was thinking that maybe Francesca’s chip could have provided that information, but if it had, couldn’t Juniper’s chip be providing information about her whereabouts right now? This is one of the most confusing lost pet notices I’ve ever seen. I sure hope someone finds Juniper and we can all go back to a life of simplicity.

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