Gangland funnies

I was going to post the cartoon “It’s a Greek Life” this morning, but the best version on YouTube is at the end of a gang of Toonerville cartoons. It seems sort of chintzy of me to post this with a “skip to 57 minutes in” function when all of these cartoons are swell (I’ve posted some before), and since you’ve been especially good all week, you get the whole gang.

Speaking of gangs, if you only know the name “Toonerville” from the murderous northeast LA gang Toonerville Rifa, you should know that the gang got its name indirectly from these cartoons. The Red Line trolley (the remnants of which I can see from my window as I write this) was nicknamed the Toonerville Trolley by locals back in the ’40s, and at some point the Latin Souls adopted the nickname of the trolley that ran through their neighborhood. Maybe this sounds like a silly and childish nickname for a violent gang, but bear in mind our other local gangs are Frogtown and Rascals. I won’t be surprised if I hear of a new beef between the Sunshine Makers and Merry Kittens soon.

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