Etiquette & superstition: here comes the judge


I’m on jury duty again. I really, really want to make a different point of etiquette in relation to judges here, but sharing this point at this time could be construed as “discussing the trial prior to its conclusion,” so I’ll refrain from doing so. I reserve my right to send a cranky letter to the court at some point in the future, however.

ETIQUETTE: When speaking, you may directly address a judge either as “Your Honor” or “Judge (last name).” When referring to this judge while speaking to another person, you either say “His/Her Honor” or “Judge (last name).” When writing to a judge, you address the letter to “The Honorable (first name) (last name)” and use either “Sir” or “Madam” as the salutation.

Please note the above does not apply when you are speaking to a state or US supreme court judge. If you were to meet Ruth Bader Ginsburg for lunch, you would greet her by saying, “Good afternoon, Ms. Justice.” Ms. Justice may sound more like a superhero than a judge, but in the case of Justice Ginsburg, both descriptions apply so it should not seem awkward to address her thus.

SUPERSTITION: The judge will rule in your favor if you wear the eyes of a green plover on your shirtpocket. People with large mouths tend to judge others without properly weighing the evidence.

Photo mine, taken at Old Trapper’s Lodge; you should go there sometime

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