A fine red

Thank you, Ub Iwerks. Thank you so very much. I was watching this Little Red Hen cartoon this morning, soaking up the beautiful Comicolor hues, but I tensed up as soon as I saw the little black chick.

“Oh no,” thought I. “That little black chick seems fine right now, maybe naughty in a black sheep sort of way, but any minute now he’s going to wreck this cartoon. This is a ’30s cartoon. He’s going to get lazy and start wheedling around, grow offensive big lips and shout ‘Mammy’ while on one knee; something like that.”

I continued watching. That pig and that duck were maybe the best cartoon pig and duck I had ever seen. “Please don’t ruin this cartoon, Little Black Chick.” The final gag came up. The little black chick came out of the hen house. I pre-emptively winced.

And then. Nothing. No racial stereotype gag. Just a good old raspberry. I relaxed. Thank you, Little Black Chick, and thank you, Ub Iwerks. I’m going to have to watch this again, this time without holding my breath.

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