Where the men are at tip-off

Nobody’s invited me to a Superbowl party yet. Maybe my reputation as someone who shushes people during the commercials and searches for an alternate TV on which to tune in the Puppy Bowl during slow moments has preceded me. That’s too bad. I’d be really good at a Superbowl party now that I’ve watched Katie and Katy from Just The Tips test out a faux football helmet facepaint suggestion found on the internet.

If you couldn’t already tell from that video, Katie and Katy are rather tremendous. Those amazing “life hacks” and incredible tutorials you find on lifestyle websites and Pinterest? Whether it’s glitter pumpkins, swants (remember swants? Sweater pants? No? Carry on), Kim Kardashian’s facial countouring, or A Dependable Stool, Katie will do it terribly with much enthusiasm and Katy will glumly knock it out of the park. They both can’t stand the concept of “life hacks.”

These women are incredible, and they should be famous. Watch five more of their videos now, please,* and then maybe invite me to your Superbowl party.

*Full disclosure: I have begged them and they have agreed to me being their personal assistant when they become famous. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS TO HAPPEN.

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