Sidewalk roundup

I was trying to find a funny quote I almost remember about falling into a pothole if you constantly keep your head up, but the internet is so very full of quotes that I’m finding it impossible. Maybe you can make up your own quote. I’m busy looking at the sidewalk.

One thing I’ve noticed is that sidewalk chalk seems to be in vogue again. This one was actually a running dialogue regarding the answer to a math question (“What is 17+2” and “21,” if I recall correctly), but that part was really faded. Only the scathing evaluation and predictable defense remained. Read from the bottom up.

In the same neighborhood, something I never really thought about before: are snowmen afraid of rabbits?

You know, the nose thing. Further down the road, I found either a recent tribute to classic metal

or a testament to the lasting power of cement. This one too, in a different musical vein:

That one really looks old. I also saw a portion of sidewalk a few blocks down that said, “I LOVE TROY” but it didn’t seem to be written by a regretful Helen after she made everybody burn a city to the ground (or, oh shoot, I might be victim-blaming here) or anything, so I didn’t take a picture of it.

Anyway, go ahead and keep your head up like those motivational quotes on the internet tell you to. I’ll let you know about all the good stuff I find down here.

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