Word of the day for Friday, January 2nd

It’s bad luck to speak ill of a year until it has passed, but as it’s no longer December 31st in any time zone on Earth I feel I can now safely speak my mind. 2014, I have to say that I was expecting a lot more from you. It’s probably my fault for having any expectations, but I feel like I had to spend so much energy just trying to maintain calm in the face of all the stubborn blindness, anger and selfishness out there this year that there didn’t seem to be a whole lot of energy left for myself. I know I’m supposed to regard tough or just downright shitty situations as “challenges” and “learning experiences,” but hoo boy… I try to find something good in every day, but you really made this so much work some days.

I did get some awfully good experiences and times with beings I love, and I really am grateful for that. I guess me expecting more of the year is just more of this selfishness I complained about, but I’m sure not going to be

Glittery text maker
begrutten that you’re not with us anymore, 2014. Begrutten: showing the effects of much weeping; marred or swollen in face through sore or continued weeping.

2015, if you’re reading this, I’ll work on getting more energy on my side of things, but any help you can provide in the way of more golden ruliness in the world will be much appreciated.

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  1. I love this.

  2. I will try to incorporate this word into my conversations. Its a beaut.

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