Storming Tropico

I’ve been walking dogs in the Adams Hill area on the border of LA and Glendale, and I recently came across this map posted in a vacant lot on one of the back streets:

City of Tropico? City of Tropico! It only existed for six or seven years before it was annexed by Glendale, but in that time it had its own baseball team, city hall, bank, and newspaper. Some dudes named Baskin and Robbins opened up their first ice cream store there (okay, that was a little later, but still…). It sounds like it had everything.

What happened to your great city, Tropico? Were you ravaged by a celebrity zombie outbreak originating at Forest Lawn? Did you not have an adequate army to defend yourself against the evil empire of Glendale? Oh. You just couldn’t get it together to do the whole sewer and electricity infrastructure thing? That’s kind of a boring end to a city. Maybe a little revisionist history is in order, Tropico.

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