Put them together and what have you got?

Santa Claus Pointing A Gun
I can’t stop marvelling at the children’s letters to Santa that RL Ripples has unearthed for his TweetsofOld feed this season. Maybe these are the cream of the crop, having been chosen for publication in the newspaper, but the kids’ wish lists from 100 years or so ago seem to have a level of variety and imagination that I’m not sure we would find in such abundance today. Also, lots of guns.

I like the kids who seem to have a prickly relationship with St Nick:

Oh, Gert. I think my favorites, however, are the ones that list a curious combination of desired items, the ones where maybe all the items could be put into use together in some grand scheme:

Oh, they just go on and on. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but so far this is at the top of the heap:

George, whatever you’re doing, please invite me over to watch this.

Armed Santa via Chris Wild at Mashable

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