Book. Swop!

One good thing about a book swap is that it makes you review your library in preparation for it. Some books need to be weeded out, but some have been sitting patiently waiting for you to pay them some attention. Two copies of 1,000 Nudes? Not necessary. An unassuming paperback entitled Shindai, The Art of Japanese Bed-Fighting? This looks necessary. We are not giving away this book.

Shindai is the secret art of erotic pillow fighting (or “pillo-fighting” as it’s called in the book). It’s also a complete fabrication by the authors.

According to the text, the pillo-fighters are wearing masks so as not to reveal their identities and thus shame themselves in the Shindai community. Also perhaps they are trying to disguise the fact that the man appears very much to be a round-eye.

Anyway, this is one fine piece of work. Well thought out, straight-faced, and so thorough. There are fifty-two recommended “Essential Deceits” for the female fighter to employ should she find herself in trouble during combat. Among them are:

  • looking with disgust at the back of his ankle
  • sucking a garlic
  • suddenly telling him to turn round while she shampoos the back of his head
  • calling him a gurd or melon
  • calling his uncles gurds or melons
  • threatening to destroy his collection of basketwork birds
  • challenging him to solve dirty riddles
  • mispronouncing his name

I so badly wish that Shindai were real that it almost hurts me. Shitsurei shimasu!

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