Tomato guy

Oh, look. I just made this tomato guy.

Hey, Tomato Guy. I’m learning some stuff about you today.

  • Your scientific name lycopersicum means “wolf peach,” and people used to think that witches could turn into werewolves if they ate your cousin the nightshade.
  • Aztecs called you the “thing with a navel.”
  • Some other guys in your genus are the giant devil’s-fig and the kangaroo apple. Altogether you sound like a pretty tough gang.
  • Hernán Cortés was probably the person who brought tomatoes to Europe, so he did at least one thing in his life that wasn’t completely terrible.
  • Shakespeare never wrote anything about you, but Dickens referred to you six times in The Pickwick Papers.
  • Botanically you are classified as a fruit but the US Supreme Court labeled you as a vegetable in 1883. You are the state vegetable and the state fruit of Arkansas.

You’re a pretty interesting guy, Tomato Guy. I’m glad I made you. Now how about lunch?

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