Word of the day for Tuesday, April 29th

Have you ever felt let down by yourself? What a horrible feeling it is to be let down by one’s self. Right now I’m feeling let down by myself, and only part of the horrible feeling is that I’m not sure whether I’m supposed to feel like the let down or the letter downer. Maybe if I examine why I am feeling that I have let myself down (or why I am feeling that I have been let down by myself) I can rectify the situation. Okay. So.

I consider myself to be an aficionado of ’60s pop culture, old television programs and interesting words. For some reason, however, I went through forty-four (nearly forty-five) years of life without being aware of the word

“insegrevious.” This word was coined in the ’60s by Gary Owens of Laugh-In and Space Ghost fame, it was supposedly quoted by Adam West’s Batman, and it means “anything you want it to mean.” This word is the essence of so much that I love. Maybe I should stop feeling so insegrevious and just be happy that the word and I are now acquainted. Yes, that’s exactly what I’ll do. Hooray for new word friends and not letting yourself down! So insegrevious!

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