A mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a towel

About a month ago, Benny texted me a photo of an impenetrable green face with a red gash of a mouth and blank, staring eyes. Zardoz, but with lipstick. The face was squashed, as if Benny had taken the photo at a very low or very high angle.

“Can you get another photo of it head-on?” I asked. He replied that it was already pretty much head-on. I’m not sure I believed him; I seem to remember thinking that he didn’t want to take another picture because he didn’t want to have to look at that face again.

I was wrong. We were in North Hollywood this weekend, and Benny wanted to go to a specific place for lunch. I thought he just had a hankering for Lebanese food, but it seems that something else in the mini-mall was calling to him.

Perfectly head-on. The Great and Powerful.


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