Etiquette & superstition: stuff on the moon

Good gravy. You’re an etiquette and superstition blogger who steps away from her computer for a week, and what happens? A Blood Moon happens. A Paschal Full Pink Blood Moon. Benny and I got into Denver on the second and less hectic leg of our trip late last night, and I have to say that seeing the full moon turn red while driving past the giant blue devil horse with glowing red eyes was rather dramatic.

ETIQUETTE: All that junk that the US and the USSR left on the moon is not junk; it is classified as “artifacts.” If you go to the moon, you should not try to clean up Neil Armstrong’s footprint or Alan Shepard’s golf ball or even any urine bags you might come across. Artifacts. Above all, do not go messing around where any of the Apollo or Lunokhod retroreflectors are located. There’s a speed limit on the moon so you don’t go kicking up space dust and ruining everything. Remember – only the first guys on the moon were allowed to ruin everything. Check with NASA about specific rules.

SUPERSTITION: Avoid travel when there is blood on the moon, as it portends danger or death. There are three references in the Bible to the moon turning to blood before Judgment Day, but I wouldn’t worry about it unless the sun also turns the color of a sackcloth made of goat hair and a big earthquake comes along. So far, so good.

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