Me, Tarzana. You, under a rock.

Benny and I had some time to kill in the Valley yesterday and so we started looking for something interesting to see. It was kind of a frustrating day, at first. The building shaped like a Cadillac was a disappointment, and the Graceland replica in Northridge had recently been sold and stripped of all its unique features. We were on our way to reacquaint ourselves with the fine folks at Old Trapper’s Lodge when we came across a lady under a rock.

ladyunderarockShe wasn’t being crushed or anything; she and the rock were just hanging out. We would have liked to have gotten a closer look but there was a very impressive gate around her

that was secured by a very impressive lock.

Somebody really didn’t want us to get too close to the lady under the rock.

There was also a lot of construction going on throughout the property – mostly wrought-iron pergolas, it seemed – and some guard bunnies.

I know you can’t see the bunnies in that photo, but I swear on all that is dear to me that there were bunnies. And do you see the blue house in the background? The house way back behind the jeeps?

It’s a very interesting looking house. I’m not sure what to call it, other than Madonna Inn-esque. It was bright blue with a lot of stonework and oversized eaves with white trim, and the upstairs was bigger than the downstairs. It was situated at the back of the lot and rather difficult to see, so I snuck around the side to get a better view from the neighboring church parking lot.

This place is really something. If I were invited here for a party, I’d skip around, eat a lot of marshmallows, drink a lot of champagne, and take a nap in a pile of bunnies. If anybody knows how I might get invited to a party here, please let me know.

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